About Me

Who and what am I?

Basically, I’m a 20-something girl, an educator, gamer, and sex toy reviewer.  Each aspect of my life is typically kept away from each other and this blog is no different.  I have chosen to remain anonymous because of the career I have chosen to enter.  I know I should not have to hid this side of myself, but until things with society change, this is how it will have to be.

Aside from that I can be a bit blunt and opinionated.  I also follow very few female stereotypes.  I don’t try to, it’s just  who I am.  I’m not girly, I own a few dresses and maybe one skirt, though I do have a growing collection of shoes.  The sexy effect of heels knows no gender.  That does not mean I don’t like to look sexy, I just feel best in jeans (plus I don’t have to think about being “lady-like”, aka not exposing myself in public, constantly) and clothes that are comfy.  I do have an extreme soft spot for my geeky t-shirts.  I’m also a little bit country, but just a little I promise.  Though I will admit I probably know more about steaks and animal production in general than any normal person should know and I do know how to herd cattle and ride a horse.

Aside from that, I’m a very sexual person.  I’m a huge flirt and a huge tease.  I’ve been a big masturbater since I was 12 or so and started cybering in chat rooms when we got a computer.  Kinda funny though, because I waited a long time to loose my virginity, 19 to be exact.  I was scared shitless, mostly at the idea of getting pregnant.  I have since then well gotten over it and love to fully enjoy myself with a partner.  I also consider myself bisexual, though I have not had the opportunity to be with another woman.  But anyways, sex toys came pretty natural to me and I started collecting way before I started my blog.  Sex toys have become almost a fetish for me.  I love them, I love trying new things, feeling new sensations.

Are you into any BDSM?

I am on Fetlife, but I’m not really into the lifestyle so to speak.  I’ve been back and forth between active and not active.  I recently moved, which brings a new community.  I expected the bigger community to be better, but I’ve found it to be lacking a lot of sex positivity, which has been disappointing.  I’m working on pushing the limits on this.  Kink isn’t just about BDSM, it can be sexual as well, and for me it is.

Why do I blog?

I started blogging because I thought sex toy reviewing was awesome and toys fascinated me.  I’m an Engineer so I love examining things and testing things.  But as an Engineer, I don’t get to play with my creativity as much as I’d like.  I’ve always loved to read and to write, mostly sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but just writing makes me happy.  So it’s kind of an unexpected benefit to blogging, but writing so much really makes me happy and makes me just feel good.

What can I expect to find here?

Basically you will get a few different things from this blog. First, I will be posting pretty regular toy and product reviews. I am affiliated with several stores as well as receive products to review from more stores.  To read more about that please see my Disclosure.   Secondly, I also have a few Post Series I try to run regularly.  And lastly there will be some posts about my life, things I’ve done, etc.  Mostly when big things happen.


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