Notches on the Bedpost

This is mostly for my own memory as I was thinking back to the guys I’ve been with and I couldn’t quite remember them all.  I try to come up with names for them.  So here it goes, mostly in order.

  • Mr First Kiss – I didn’t have sex with him, but he was the first cock I actually got to touch.  Was pretty fun times for a 15 year old. (T1)
  • The first – The first boyfriend and the first we dated for 2 and a half years.  I’m really glad I moved on because I’ve experienced greater pastures now. (T2, PIV1)
  • Old guy – I can’t remember his name for the life of me, but he hit on me in a gamestop, I had just found out B was dating another girl and I was just generally down and depressed.  He was 16 years older than me.  Essentially a one night stand. (T3, PIV2)
  • The sweetheart – Second long term boyfriend, was a really sweet guy.  We had some good times. (T4, PIV3)
  • Video Game Hookup – So this one, our relationship consisted of video games, drinking, and sex.  Longest guy I’ve been with to date.  (T5, PIV4)
  • Sex for alcohol – This guy is where the order gets a bit fuzzy for a bit.  This guy was a little younger than me, we had an okay time I suppose, but he only really called me to hang out when he wanted me to buy him alcohol… (T6, PIV5)
  • Too much for him – This guy was a lot of fun.  Biggest girth I’ve ever had at that point and ahhh fun times.  He decided I wanted sex too often though and didn’t want to see me anymore. (T7, PIV6)
  • JM – I don’t quite recall the order on this one, but was an old high school friend that we had a lot of sexual tension.  Only fooled around a few times, no sex. (T8)
  • Accepting but not – The last and most recent long term boyfriend.  He’s actually the one that encouraged me to start this blog, but when I asked if he wanted me to get him a toy he would tell me “No, I don’t *need* one”.  Gee thanks, way to be accepting. (T9, PIV7)
  • RG – Another one night stand.  Not sure of his name but it was okay.  Nothing amazing though. (T10, PIV8)
  • TG – A trans-guy, we had a few fun times, but his work schedule and bit of an attitude didn’t really work for me. (T11)
  • The noob – He had only had sex on time before me.  I trained him a bit and we had some good times.  Ended up not ending well… (T12, PIV9)
  • Under achiver – We had some pretty hot sex a few times.  I mean really hot.  But things with a pot-head with no motivation usually don’t go very far. (T13, PIV10)
  • Poly – This guy was in a poly relationship (kind of not by choice)  and drove a good ways to see me.  Seen each other a few time and we generally have a pretty great time. (T14, PIV11)
  • Best He Ever Had – This guy has come to visit me a few times, but we never really dated because it was long-distance.  We had some fun and he told me I was the best sexual partner he’d ever had.  We driffed apart and haven’t talked in ages. (T15, PIV12)
  • GM – An old friend was passing through so he stopped by to crash for a while.  Things started with snuggling then touching, and yeah, you can figure it out.  (T16, PIV13)
  • Cherry – A guy I hung out with a few times and we played a bit.  He enjoyed some anal play (popped that cherry for him) but eventually called it off. (T17, PIV14)
  • ShG – This one is a long complicated story.  We started as friends with benefits and he decided he didn’t want to do that anymore and now we are currently roommates. (T18, PIV15)
  • ZW – Actually the same person as JM, but after starting a MtF sex change.  Was interesting to play with them as both. (T19, G1)
  • DomyDuck – Experienced Dom (no I didn’t submit) who wanted to help me learn to squirt.  Also  gave me the worst leg cramp of my life when we moved on to sex. (T20, PIV16)
  • Lil Bear –  I couldn’t really think of a good name for him, but he’s a sweet innocent guy who I’m encouraging him to explore different things.  Plus he has a really nice cock mmm, but it was too bad he lied and ended up being a jerk. (T21, PIV17)
  • DP & F – This is a couple I actually got to play with while at a play party.  It was my first party and I was nervous but I am very much looking forward to going back and getting to play with them and do more! (hopefully this will be updated soon ^_^) (T22)
  • F – This is the girl from the couple above.  Since then I’ve played with her a few times (typically me being evil with a vibrator). (T23, G2)
  • WDE – This guy… I don’t even know where to start.  I’ll just leave it at never tell a girl whose giving you a hand job that she’s “doing it wrong”. (T24)
  • PDGY – This guy was really sweet.  Meet him at one of the parties, we ended up snuggled up on one of the huge Liberator beanbag things and had some handy fun. (T25)
  • Ammm… – This was a fun guy from the parties I’ve been going too.  We’d chatting a bit at other parties, but at this last one I was exhausted and tired and he offered to give me a massage.  He worked my back, then front, and it progressed from there.  Lots of fun with a toy to the first actual sex I’d had in about 6 months.  Very good. (T26, PIV18)
  • Noob2 – Not the same as the first noob (I no longer speak to him), but I met this guy online and started hanging out as friends, he brought up that his ex was kinky and so I spilled the beans and it kind of spiraled from there.  Was fun for a while, but we no long really speak. (T27, PIV19)
  • Bubbles – No real direct play, but she did help me put in a female condom for play with Mr. 20.  Some toy (and boy) sharing and general fun ensued.  A generally awesome person <3 (T30, G3)
  • Mr. 20 – Funny how things work out, but without trying or anything he still ended up at 20.  We finally got alone time and spent a whole weekend in a fairly nice hotel.  Went left a bit, but I think we still spent more time in bed than out.  Plus got to try some fun rope stuff! (T31, PIV20)
  • Sy – I met Sy at a local TNG group and we hit it off pretty well.  We have played a few times and attempted to have sex, but… sometimes things are just too big. (T32, PIV21)
  • Trig – This guy I met at one play party and we started talking and at the next one we grabbed a private room.  He got to try out some toys on me and I got to try out a wand on him.  I think he enjoyed it quite a lot. (T33)
  • Myst – There were some adult panels and even a demo room at the local sci-fi/fantasy convention and a friend introduced me to Myst.  He did a few panels and later I was convinced (it didn’t take much) to get into a hot tub with another lovely lady and we asked him to join.  I learned a new trick that I enjoy (pressure on the mons, who knew?) and had some fun finger play. Not to mention great hugs (and super tall) and a smile that can make you weak in the knees.  Oh… and apparently he sparked my thing for kilts.  I later got to spend an afternoon in a hotel with him (and will be again soon) and… wow. (T34, PIV23)
  • I – I’ve known I for many years, though we only meet within the last few.  I was in the area for spring break so I stopped by just to chill and one thing led to another and we had spent many hours in bed… I tend to have that effect on guys I’ve come to realize… (T35, PIV22)
  • PDCRS – This guy I had met briefly at the same sci-fi con as Myst, but we didn’t play or even get to chat much. I ran into him again at another sci-fi con more recently and decided to flex my skills of seduction.  I ended up sitting on his lap while hanging out with people in the hotel lobby and was able to lure him to my room at the promise of a massage (which I’m told was quite nice, along with everything else).  I recently got to see PDCRS again and had some more fun.  Though I did end up a little bruised… (T36)
  • J&B – This was another couple I played with at a playspace I have been too.  I used my claws on both of them a bit and then the guy used some toys on me.  Later on I got to watch her fuck him with a strapon and use some toys on her.  Was lots of fun, but haven’t been able to see them since.  (T37/38, G4)
  • R1 – So this is a girl I didn’t so much as play with but we made out a little.  I went to a con and it was after hours and I put on my chainmail top and a cute girl wanted to kiss me so who was I to say no?  Though I did avoid an all girl foursome… I got scared and ran away >.> (T39, G5)
  • R2 – This guy I also met at the same time as R1 and enjoyed some making out and a bit of power play through the hallways. (T40)
  • TN – It’s been awhile since I have really connected with someone like this; sexually, mentally, and emotionally.  We went on a date and went back to his house to hang and well… I kind of pounced.  We’ve continued to see each other and do have quite a lot of fun together. (T41, PIV24)
  • JY – I had met JY at a con back in April and we flirted and touched a bit, but nothing really happened.  I was traveling and spent two nights at his place and we ended up snuggling a bit one night and my naughty wiggles turned into being bent over and yeah, you get the idea. (T42, PIV25)
  • LG – I had started talking a bit with LG because I came across his Fetlife profile through some mutual friends and we were going to be at the same party during my travel.  We played a bit at the party (not to mention jumping in a bouncy house) and then I stopped by before I headed out of town for a long session of rough sex.  Well worth the delay in my trip back home. (T43, PIV26)
  • SG – Met at the local TNG group after my move and randomly started chatting on Fetlife.  We hit it off so hung out and played around.  Had hoped that it would be a repeat customer, so to speak, but like my luck lately. (T44, PIV27)
  • IUNM – Another local TNG which I hoped would be more of, but after some drama in his life, things went a little weird and we haven’t even been talking. (T45, PIV28)
  • Wedding Gift – After my friends’ pirate themed wedding, they essentially had a play party.  One of the groomsman was cute and flirty so I ended up bringing him home.  He was visiting again so I brought him home again.  Good time, but lots of mixed signals.  (T46, PIV29)
  • 30 – This is the big three-zero.  It ended up being silly and not really working because we were both so tired and were trying to fuck on a futon.  (T47, PIV30)
  • Bilbo – He is an OKC find, which was kind of surprising.  I sent him a chat randomly talking about hot sauces, which turned into talking about poly and I took him to a poly play party.  No play at the party, but we did end up spending the night together after.  We’ve been hanging out casually for a while. (T48, PIV31)
  • Long overdue – This guy I had met at a sci-fi con the year before.  We talk almost every day and have a bit of a connection.  We roomed together at the con and had some fun.  Distance sucks, but I’ll see him again sometime.  (T49, PIV32)
  • Ccon14 – I will admit, this happened at CatalystCon, which means it was much more fun than previous years. I’ve always been a little too shy to hook up with someone, but it helps when you met someone the year before. (T50, PIV33)
  • FB – Friend I had met when I first moved down here, had some issues with his open marriage, but things have settled down.  We’ve hooked up several times, but our schedules rarely line up, which sucks. (T51, PIV34)
  • Legacy – A kink friend invited me to a swinger party so I decided to check it out.  Ended up playing with him and having some fun at the party and again in the morning. (T52, PIV35)
  • Swing 1 – Another male I happened upon at the swinger party.  Pretty much a one and done but he was fun.  (T53, PIV36)
  • Felix – An OKC find that we hit it off well chatting.  Unfortunately, we are not very close so we don’t see each other often. (T54, PIV37)
  • P – Another OKC guy, I really liked him and we had some fun, but he was struggling with some depression and disappeared (T55, PIV38)
  • M – My first sort of poly relationship, we had fun for a while, but his partner didn’t like how much time we spent together (T56, PIV39)


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