Post Series

I have several post series that I have going on, so I thought I’d give a little more explanation to them here.  I will try to have a post for each series each week, though some weeks I may skip one.

Review Types


Reviews cover a wide variety of adult products.  I give my honest opinion of the product as well as list the features, etc.  Some products may be sponsored by a company, while others may be products that I purchased on my own, but am referring through one company.  Please see my Discloser for more information.

Follow-Up Friday:

These are follow up reviews of products I have previously reviewed.  Usually very brief, just a little note on how much I like or dislike a product after having it and using it for quite a while.


These reviews compare two similar toys.  While there are not many now, I am working on providing more comparisons to help pick between two different toys.

Post Series

Position of the Week (PotW):

Every Monday I bring you a new position to try out!  It may be an old classic, something funny, or something thrilling and daring.  Some may be untested and some may be tried and true.  I just want to give you something to spice up your week with.

Hump Day Hunks:

By the middle of the week we all need a little pick me up.  So every (well probably almost every), I’ll try to post some hunky guy to help you make it to the end of the week.

Dating Fail:

On Saturdays I post dating fail stories.  These will be mostly about me.  Horrible profiles I’ve come across, bad experiences, etc.  Your own stories are always welcome so email me to get your story featured!

Other Posts


These may overlap with Personal Posts.  I will occasionally talk about my views on sexuality and how it has effected me or just general information.

Personal Posts:

These posts relate to my life.  They include random thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.  Slightly differnt from the Updates, etc posts.

Updates, etc:

These will be updates about the blog, my life, etc.  Sometimes life happens and I may get behind or have other information to share.


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