Win an X2 Orgasmatron and get $100 off an Ambrosia Vibe!!

x2Right now until October 12th (you have FIVE days!) you can enter to win an X2 Orgasmatron WITH a Grace attachment! It’s very simple to enter, all you have to do is complete THIS survey from Orgasmatronics to enter to win. This was inspired by a post from the Huffington post that revealed the top six places that Americans like to have sex. Orgasmatronics want to determine the top places that you masturbate and will publish the data at the end of this month. The survey asks where you like to masturbate, your relationship status, age group, and your contact information. Again, you can find the survey here, but you have to submit it by October 12th!

ambrosiaOn top of the awesome give away, the Ambrosia Vibe 2.0 is currently $100 off!  That’s a huge savings for an awesome toy.  For those that don’t know, the Ambrosia Vibe triggers a vibrating bullet based on stimulation, pressure, and touch of a strap on dildo.  You can choose from a black or purple dildo that is small or large and you also get a harness to put it in.  Pretty sweet deal for only $99 right now, get it while it lasts!

Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys Blog Tour

The cover

So my first big post back in the game is for a blog tour! I’ve never done a blog tour before, but it seems kind of neat.  This blog tour is for the new book, The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys by Violet Blue and Charlie Glickman.  Unfortunately due to moving and the like, I do not yet have my hard copy of the book, but I have been able to skim through a digital copy I was sent.

I was a little hesitant about the book, being as I have so many toys and I don’t feel like there is a ton left for me to learn.  In scanning through the chapters, two chapters stood out to me and I skipped straight to them:  Teledildonic Toys:  Online Sex for Two and Sex Machines.  I really enjoyed the discussion on Teledildonics and it’s given me some new things to look into and this seems like an important topic for couples, especially in long distance relationships.  I did notice that the OhMiBod toy that works with skype was not mentioned in my quick read through.  I do also like that this goes into just using a webcam and that area.

The sex machine chapter was very informative.  I’ve never used one and have only seen the attachments that you use to convert a handheld saw into a fucksaw and a Synbian.  This is probably where I learned the most and want to really dig into the chapter more.

I was really glad to see that this book includes more than just toys, including how to take care of your toys “Care and Feeding) and how to talk about using toys as a couple and just how to use them as a couple.  There is even a section on kinkier toys, such as handcuffs and “more ouchy fun”.  And don’t worry guys, there are some toys for you and a whole section on strap-ons.

Throughout the book there are grey scale sketch images that show what some of the toys and machines actually look like.  However, it is not an image heavy book.  The focus with the book is by far the information, not what the toys look like, etc.  I think it could be helpful two versions of this book (or a series) where one is for beginners with actual pictures and another is for more advanced.  This could also work well with a DVD showing couples using the toys as in each chapter.  But perhaps I am just more of a visual creature than most.


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April is Green Sex Toy Month

No, not literally green sex toys, but “green” as in eco-friendly!  At least that’s what it’s been declared by!  In honor of Earth day (which is April 22nd) they are reviewing all green eco-sexy toys and products AND giving them away!  Here is what they say about it:

In celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd, 2011), I am declaring April as “Green Sex Toy Month” in order to build awareness about body-safe and environmentally friendly adult products. It has been my mission at to educate consumers about the potential dangers of sex toy materials and chemicals in personal care products, as well as champion sustainable sex toys, manufacturing and recycling practices by ethical manufacturers and retailers.

Eco-friendly Sex Toy Contest Give Away

Last March and April I reviewed all “green” adult products and this year I am doing it again, but even better! For the entire month of April, we will be reviewing green sex toys and natural body-safe products for adults as well as giving away 1 “green” sex toy (or adult sexuality product) EVERYDAY this month! That’s right you read correctly. That’s 1 sex toy you could win, everyday for the month of April, so 30 prize packages to win, for 30 days, to 30 lucky WINNERS.Amazing right! It sure is, and this promotion would not be possible without my truly wonderfulSPONSORS, each of whom is giving away products for review and as PRIZES for theGIVEAWAYS. Not only that, but many of the SPONSORS are also giving my readers COUPONSfor a % OFF while shopping at their stores. So stayed tuned to the CONTESTS each day for further details.

They have a ton of sponsers including Crystal Delights, Blossom Organics, and many MANY more!  (I mean come on it’s 30 prizes!)  So what do you have to do? Go check out their April is Green Sex Toy Month Post! and then see what wonderful giveaways have already been posted.

pop my cherry green sex toy month banner

So how will you be green and eco-sexy?  Personally, I recycle all my sex toy packaging and believe me there is a lot of it!  I wonder what the sorting people at the recycling pant think…

Easter at The Stockroom

stockroom easter eggHow else would a place like The Stockroom celebrate easter than giving away a Bunny Hood?  So they’ve hidden easter eggs on three different product pages.  If you find them and enter, you’ll have a chance to win it!  I’ve found them all, and no I’m not going to tell you where they are.  If you’re nice, I might give you some hints though…  They also say that everyone that finds all three eggs will win a prize of some sort!  Awesome yeah?

Too lazy to search through their site?  Well you can also be entered for a grand prize of a $200 gift certificate just by following them on Facebook, Twitter, or blogging about the contest.  If you want to check out more ways to enter and read the rules of the contest, please see their Easter Egg Hunt page.

*CLOSED* Review and Giveaway: Pub Crawl Passport

So many of you probably know that I don’t really drink, especially in a bar.  Bars are usually over crowded and loud and just not my type of scene.  But Pipedreams sent me a neat little drinking game called Pub Craw Passport that I’m going to review for you guys.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Adult Game
  • Manufacturer: Pipedreams
  • Includes: Winner and Loser medals, Stamp, 8 passports
  • Price: $30.95
  • Pros: Attractive design to the box; Small enough to hide from parents;  Passports are neat; Multiple passports in the set
  • Cons: Not many instructions; Medals are cheesy; Stamp dries out easily
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes

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If I had a $200 Shopping Spree…

Over at Insatiable Desire, Rayne and M are giving away $200 to Eden Fantasys (yes two hundred!).  They want to know what you would buy if you won.  Now I could go one of two ways with this.  Buy one or two super expensive items or lots of smaller items.

High Dollar Items:

  • Fun Factory Yooo – I saw this became available a few days ago and I just HAVE to have it.  One way or another I will get this.  I mean come on, it looks like Mickey Mouse!
  • Devine Play Chest – I don’t really need more toy storage, I have a large set of drawers now.  Nor do I have anyone that digs through my stuff for me to need it to lock, but this seems like a handy way to keep all of my super favorites in one place and I can even bring it with me if I want to.
  • Cobalt Blue Dichronic G-Spot Dildo – This is just beautiful.  It must be mine.
  • Je Joue Sasi – The Sasi intrigues me.  I have no idea if it’s something I would enjoy or not, but I really want to try it to see.
  • Extase Liberte – This is another one that I’ve had my eye on, it seems like it’s just the perfect size for me.
  • Je Joue MiMi –  Ahhh it’s so cute!  I just need one of everything Je Joue really…

Smaller Items:

  • Toy pouch – I have several glass toys but only one padded pouch so I think I should invest in a few more.
  • Afterglow toy and body wipes – These just seem like they’d be handy.  Individually wrapped, great for clean up on the go.
  • Florence Lingerie – I’m super excited that this is back in stock.  My boobs look amazing in lace, so this is just going to be awesome.
  • Deep Water G – I love the beautiful blue glass plus it just looks awesome.
  • Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women – I’m not very experienced with anal, so I think this would be a great book to help open me up more to it.
  • Pink Champagne Dress –  I’m not a dress person, but this is pretty cute.
  • Sliquid Organics O Gel – I love clit gels and have been disappointed in the one’s I’ve gotten recently so I’d hope this one will work well!

So what will I get?  Who knows, that’ll come down to what I’m craving at that moment.  But you can bet if I win I’ll let you guys know!


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