Review: Nature Day Take 2 – Week 6

I’ve still been a little bad about applying the Breast Cream and Enhancement Liquid.  I’ve been doing it about every other day.  Things have been so busy I’m exhausted and just pass out when I get in bed, but I promise I”ll try to be better!  I have plenty of cream and liquid left so I’ll get at least one or two more posts in.

I’m still applying the liquid first.  Around 10 drops to each nipple and rub it in to the surronding area and about 8 drops around the rest.  Then I apply the cream.

Review: Nature Day Take 2 – Week 4

I’ve been a little bad about applying the cream, I know I skipped a few nights, but I’m trying to be very good about.  Some nights you just get in bed though and conk out.  I’m still applying the Enhancement Liquid right to my nipples and breasts and rubbing it in.  I do about 10 drops to my nipples and just around it and around another 10 around the rest of my breast and I do this on both.  After I apply the Breast Cream and make sure it’s rubbed in very well.

Review: Nature Day Take 2 – Week 2

It’s been two weeks already, it’s hard to believe how quickly time flies sometimes.   For these two weeks I have been using the Enhancement Liquid and the Breast Cream.  For the first two days, I tried to take the liquid orally as it says on the bottle.  The first time I tried 30 drops in a glass of water.  I thought putting it in water would dilute the smell, but it didn’t really seem too.  The taste to me was rather unpleasant and it even seemed to make me feel a bit queasy.  I tried just 10 drops the next day but it was more of the same.  I thought about just taking a dropper full at once and chasing it, but I decided to use it as a boost to the cream.  Before I apply the cream, I rub about 15 drops into each breast before applying the cream.  I try to be fairly consistent in the amount of cream I apply, but it can be a little difficult to do.  I get enough to cover my entire breasts and make sure to rub it in fully.

Review: NatureDay Take 2 – Week 0

A few months ago, I started an experiment with the NatureDay cream and soap that they sent me.  I never really followed up after I finished using the product. They offered to send me more products to try out and sent me another jar of their Breast Cream and a bottle of their Enhancement Liquid.

For this first post, I’ll review the ingredients and provide the initial pictures and descriptions and will be starting both the cream and liquid suplements today.

The Run Down – Enlargement Cream:

The Run Down – Liquid Supplement:

Review: Natureday – Week 6

The cream is still going along well.  I think I missed a few days again during these two weeks, but I used the soap a bit more often.  I’ve found it can be a bit of a turn on to apply the cream, especially since it requires you to fondle and massage your breasts.  I think I can get at least another two weeks out of the jar and I’m debating if I want to purchase another jar to continue my experiment or if I’m satisified as they are.

Bust:  48.5″
Right:  19.5″
Left:  21.5″
Look:  The difference between the week 0 and this week seem to be about the same as last week.  From week 4 to week 6, there seems to be more roundness on the top of both breasts.
Feel:   They seem to be about the same as last week, perhaps a bit firmer.  Depending on the day they can be a bit bouncier.  To do feel a bit heavier perhaps.

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Review: Natureday – Week 4

I have been using the Natureday cream for four weeks now and I have to say in the last two weeks I did miss a night or two.  Once because I had to run and spend the night out of town and a few nights because I was either too tired and forgot or just didn’t feel like it.  I did apply it the same nearly every night though.  The soap I have not been using too much because it seems more of a hassle to me to try and let the suds sit for a while.  I do enjoy using the cream though, it still leaves my skin soft and smooth.  You can apply it up to three times a day, but I’ve found once a day works well for my routine.  I was curious because online, it lists a jar as a one month supply.  However, after two weeks I am only about half way through my jar.  Perhaps this is a one month supply if you are applying it more than once a day.  Either way, I plan to continue to use the cream until the jar is empty and update my progress every two weeks.  I estimate getting another month out of this jar.

Now on to the stats and pictures!

Bust:  48″
Right:  19″
Left:  21.25″
Look:  When standing natural, nipples seem to point more foward than before.  They seem a bit saggy, but less so due to direction nipples are pointing. Stretch marks, but very pale and not noticeable.  From the side views, the bottom of both seem to be fuller and more rounded, leading to the less downward pointing nipple
Feel:   Little change from my touch, but 3rd party said they felt much firmer.  I have noticed they seem to be bouncier when walking.

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Review: Natureday – Week 2

It’s been two weeks since I first started using the Natureday Cream and Soap so it’s time for some new pictures and some updates.  I would like to add that this week was my period, so I do expect some slight fluctuations because of that, so we’ll see if any changes stay for the next two week.

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Review: Natureday – Week 0

Most of you know I have fairly large breasts.  By fairly large I mean I regularly wear a size 42DD bra.  However, I have always been disappointed by the sagginess and the lack of firmness and perkiness.  I started talking to a guy who was using supplements to grown his own boobs (not transgender, just wants boobs, kind of interesting) and he told me he was taking a product made by Natureday.  I checked out their website and looked at all their products.  They don’t just carry breast enlargement pills, but they carry a liquid, a cream, and a soap.  Interesting… so I contacted them to see if they’d be willing to send me something.  I talked with them saying I was curious how well it would work with larger breasts because most all the testimonials I read through were men or small to flat chested women.  I also mentioned that my goal was not size, but firmness and perkiness.  They agreed and sent me a jar of their enlargement cream and a bar of the enlargement soap.

The Run Down – Enlargement Cream:

The Run Down – Enlargement Soap:

  • Ingredients:  Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, and Palm, Distilled Water, Fullfillment herbal supplement, Shea Butter, Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, Dead Sea Salts, Silk Fibers, and Grapefuit Seed Extract
  • Instructions:  Lather up the breasts while in the shower and lead the suds stay for several minutes.  The longer you leave it on, the better the results.
  • Size:  3 oz bar
  • Price:  $17.00

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