Humpday Hunks #27 – Tom Hardy

Time yet again for your bi-month dose of hunk to get you through the humpday.  Today we have a guy who has changed his body frequently for movie roles.  You may know him from The Dark Knight Rises as Bane or the super buff Tommy in Warrior.  Whatever your preference, he has a look for you to love.

tom hardy

Just a regular looking (and handsome) guy

tom hardy

Super buff… /lick

tom hardy

A slimmer, but cute version, plus look at that grin!



Humpday Hunks #26 – Liam Neeson

It’s finally time for another Humpday Hunk (a little late on humpday… but it’s here!).  This was another request from the survey I posted a while back, Liam Neeson.  He’s an older gent but one of the biggest bad-asses around in movies lately.

liam neeson

He just looks suave to me

liam neeson

A sexy black and white profile

liam neeson

A very young Neeson



Humpday Hunk #25 – Sean Bean

This week is another from several geeky classics such as Lord of the Rings and the new hit Game of Thrones, Sean Bean.  He’s a rugged looking man who plays rugged characters such as Boromir and Eddard Stark.  Enjoy!

Sean Bean


Sean Bean

Eddard Stark, impressive and ready for winter. It’s coming you know.

Sean Bean

Cleaned up in a suite and still looking good, though he hardly looks the same without the hair

Humpday Hunks #24 – Andrew Lincoln

You may not recognize today’s hunk when he’s not covered in zombie blood, guts, dirt, and sweat.  Today I give you Andrew Lincoln, another request from the survey, who plays Rick on The Walking Dead.  He’s played in many TV movies as well, though nothing I have heard of.

Andrew Lincoln

Serious and sultry

Andrew Lincoln

Kinda smiling (not his strong suit)

Andrew Lincoln

The cleaned up sheriff (before the zombies)



Humpday Hunks #23 – Alan Rickman

Today’s humpday hunk is a request from the survey I posted a few weeks ago, Alan Rickman.  Probably most well known as playing the greasy professor Snape in the Harry Potter series, but he has also played in Sweeney Todd and done voices in movies such as The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.



Still sexy when he's not being evil, then good... then evil... wait... which is he?

Still sexy when he’s not being evil, then good… then evil… wait… which is he?


Humpday Hunks #22: Seth Meyers

Yeah yeah, I know this is a tad late… but shhh if you won’t tell I won’t (yesterday my uterus was waging war with me emotionally, that’s my excuse).  But this week you get to enjoy my favorite funny guy, Seth Meyers.


Cute and casual


Sexy on the set!


Weekend update

Humpday Hunks #21 – Ian Somerhalder

I do feel a little bit guilty when I admit to watching the Vampire Dairies.  It’s not a great show, but it does amuse me and has some pretty tasty guys on there.  By far my favorite is the deliciously evil, yet somehow still sweet, Damon Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder.  What do you think?  I’m sure he won’t bite… too hard.

Evil smirk, what's on your mind?

Evil smirk, what’s on your mind?

Shirtless vampy boy

Shirtless vampy boy

Even with a smile he's still sexy

Even with a smile he’s still sexy



Humpday Hunks #20: Eric Bana

This week’s hunk is Eric Bana.  He’s been in movies such as Hanna, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and Star Trek.  I know I’ve seen him, but he wasn’t an actor who I knew by name until someone suggested him as a Humpday Hunk.  So here you go!

eric bana


eric bana

Smooth (my preference)

eric bana

Shirtless and buff (even more my preference!)

Humpday Hunks #19: John Barrowman

Today’s hunk is one of my personal favorites… John Barrowman.  He’s most known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and the spin off series Torchwood.  Recently he’s been deliciously bad on the new show Arrow.  Enjoy.

john barrowman

Look at that grin

john barrowman

Happy Jack

john barrowman

Serious and somber

Humpday Hunks #18: Tom Hardy

Today’s Humpday Hunk is another request.  I can’t remember who requested him, but he’s on my schedule.  He’s played in movies such as Inception and Warrior and was recently Bane in the latest Batman movie.  Here ya go!

Tom Hardy

Serious and sexy

Tom Hardy

Buff warrior

Tom Hardy

Oh the things we could do in this position…



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