Position of the Week #34: The Waterfall

Today I have a adorably sketched position from WeWomen.com, part of their 100 sex positions post.

PotW #34The Waterfall

For this sex position, the giving partner should sit on a chair or stool and their partner should straddle them.  The receiving partner can leave back to rest her had on a cushion or on the floor, which will require a lot of flexibility and some strength.  The giving partner can take control of thrusting and allows them to explore their partners exposed body.  The reviving partner may want to wrap their legs around their partners back or hold on to them for more support and the giving partner can always help support and hold the receiver.

This position will take take strength, flexibility, and a slow steady pace.  If you are looking for something a little less challenging be sure to check out the other 99 positions listed on the post.

Position of the Week #33: The Reverse Status Update

This week’s sex position comes from trutv.com, not a likely source for information on sexuality, but they posted a mock post for the new sex positions of 2013.  The first one made me giggle, quite a lot.

 PotW #33

The Reverse Status Update

And because I cannot give it better justice, here is the direct quote about this position:

“The man and the woman lie atop each other in too engrossed in letting the world know what they had for dinner to have intercourse. Intense stimulation in this position comes from seeing what sweater their old college roommate’s dog is wearing.”

Hehehehe, this seem so true most days, but I do hope you readers don’t partake in this particular position.  Feel free to go check out the rest of the positions on the article KAMA STUPID: NEW SEX POSITIONS FOR 2013

Position of the Week #32: G-Whiz

I thought I had posted a similar position, but I could not find it so this week’s position is the G-Whiz.  I discovered this one in an article called “The Best Sex Positions Ever” over at Women’s Health.  I liked their water-color type drawings of the positions, artistic yet sensual I think.  Anyways…

The G-Whiz

The G-Whiz

For this position the receiving partner should lie on his or her back and lift their legs over their partner’s shoulders.  The giving partner lifts up the other’s bottom so it is resting on their thighs and keeps hold for support.  This position can help target the g-spot because it narrows the vagina.  Try it with slow rocking side to side motion or having your partner life you up and down.  The giving partner could even rock up and down on their knees.

Position of the Week #31: Animal-Based Sex Positions

I came across a post a few weeks ago over 8 Animal-Based Sex Positions other than Doggie Style.  You may think it’s serious at first with the rocking animation for Mantis position, that is until the female rips the head off the male and eats it.  Yep, just like a praying mantis.  The rest are just as amusing, from earthworm style (it makes me thing “wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!”), but I think my favorite is probably barnacle style.  Be sure to go over to the post to check them all out, but here are my favorites:

I hope you enjoy them, but I don’t recommend trying them at home!

Position of the Week #30: The Bridge

This week’s sex position comes from an article I came across called Sex Positions that Double as Exercise.  I figured since I’m trying to eat better and such that this would be a good choice.  Mostly it’s common positions, but I did come across one that’s a little more advanced, The Bridge.


This position is not for the weak of heart and it wouldn’t hurt if you’re fairly skilled in yoga.  The receiving partner gets in a bridge-like position as shown.  You can help by having a tower of pillows under your back to help support your weight, but it will really work your butt and inner-thighs.  It will also work your biceps, triceps, abs, and calves.  Unless you are gold medal gymnast  I wouldn’t expect to hold this position for too long.  The giving partner can also help by supporting her lower back and butt to help take some of the strain off her.  This position is targeted for a quick bit of fun before moving on to another position.

Position of the Week #29: Swiss Ball Blitz

This week’s position comes from the Sex Position Playbook by Men’s Health called the Swiss Ball Blitz.

swiss ball blitz

For this position you do need some special equipment, you do need one of those big exercise balls and it could get a little dangerous, be sure to not have any sharp corners nearby!  Have the giving partner sit on the ball with his or her feet on the floor.  The receiving partner should sit with their legs over their partners knees and use the knees as a grip.  You should have a small enough ball that the receiving partner can reach the floor at least some for leverage.  The extra bounce from the ball should make it interesting!  You can probably even do some rolling.  This puts the receiver in control so they can get the perfect angle for g-spot and it leaves them open for their partners hands to wander.  I think this may be worth getting an exercise ball for!

Position of the Week #28: Down, Boy!

This week’s position is another from the Position of the Day Playbook, Down, Boy!

PotW #28

 For this position, you will need a very sturdy chair, and it appears it needs to be an armless chair.  The receiving partner sits back in the chair, with their butt on the edge of the seat.  The giving partner will mount the receiver and hold on to the back of the chair, with their legs around their partner and feet on the back edge of the seat.  This will most likely be a slow, humping position and will require a lot of stamina from the giving partner.  This could also easily be switched and the receiver could be on top and grind against their partner. Just be sure you have a good chair that won’t slide to collapse!

If you’re interested in picking up your own Position of the Day Playbook, you can find it at Babeland.

Position of the Week #27: The Spider

This week’s position comes from a random forum post for 45 Sex Positions Every Man (and Woman) Must Try!.

PotW #27

The Spider

For The Spider, both partners should be seated on their bed with your legs toward one another and arms back to support yourself.  You scooch towards each other and the receiving partner moves on top of the giving partner.  The receiver’s hips will be between the giver’s spread legs with his or her knees bent and feet outside of the givers hips.  This position will require a slow rocking motion, but it allows the partners to maintain eye contact while watching the action.

Position of the Week #26: Golden Gate

This week’s position is a special position for any of you with a growing baby bump and comes from Ride Em Cowgirl (review here).

golden gate

The Golden Gate is a position for pregnant couples.  The giver lays back and props him or herself up with some pillows.  He or she will help their partner straddle their waist.  They can bring their knees up to help support their partner and hold hands to keep her stable.  From here, the giving partner can do most all of the work.  This is supposed to help ease any pressure from some other positions.

Ride Em Cowgirl has a few other positions for pregnancy  so you can check out my review or find it over at Eden Fantasys (and be sure to use code G8W to save 15%!).

Position of the Week #25: Tailgate

This week’s position comes from Lesbian Sex: 101 Lovemaking Positions (check out my review here).


This position is intended for women, but I’m sure with some slight adjusting all couples could use it, since it’s a slightly modified version of doggy style.  The book says both partners are on their knees and the rear partner presses their body against his or her partner’s backside.  This allows the rear partner’s hands and lips to wander all over and the front partner can help direct his or her partner.  While this is great for touching and grouping, you could also do anal or vaginal penetration from this position (with a strap on or penis).  This position leads to a lot of closeness and skin-to-skin contact and can give a nice, slow, and sensual experience.

If you’re interested, check out my review of Lesbian Sex: 101 Lovemaking Positions or pick it up (only $16.95) over at Good Vibrations.


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