Tales from the Toybox #1

As a sex toy reviewer, I’ve had some pretty funny.  This one moment I had this week, I just had to share it.

Being a reviewer, I often get a lot of packages.  When I am not sure how something is being shipped or don’t want it to sit outside all day, I have the item sent to the UPS Store that does a package pick up service for students.  I got a notification Sunday that I had gotten a package and was planning on picking it up Monday, since I was out of town.  Monday I got two more notices for two more packages so I stopped by after class.  The lady that brought my packages out knows me, because I’m in there quite a lot, and set them on the counter.  As I was signing for the package, she picked up one and said: “I’m really curious about what’s in this one!”.  In my mind I went, oh shit… because I knew exactly what it was, a set of Lelo Luna Mini kegel balls.  Thankfully, I could play it cool and I said “Oh, I’m not really sure what I ordered…”.  She kind of nodded and went along with it.  I took my packages and walked out the door.  As soon as I got out the door I cracked up laughing.  As I was walking back to my car, I also checked the package, since it was from the UK it had a customs form on it and they actually wrote “sex toys” on it.  I’m not sure if the lady had seen it or was just curious, the hand writing wasn’t super clear so it probably wasn’t noticeable unless you really focused on it.  Either way, it was a funny experience.


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