Follow Up Friday: My Fixation Couples Vibe & Panty

Over a year ago I reviewed a wearable vibe called the Fixation Couples Vibe.  It was an interesting toy but it didn’t quite work well for me and was a little too buzzy for my liking (check out my full review for more).  Since then, I hadn’t thought much about the toy and I recently pulled it out to pass on to a new home.  I decided I would mark sure it would still hold a charge only to be disappointed that it would not charge at all and was completely dead.  I contacted the company and was informed that the battery only has a shelf life of 1 year and that if it is not charged it will die and the warranty was expired so it would not be replaced.  I have never heard of a battery having a shelf life and it makes me want to go and check all of my toys that I don’t use often.  I also had no desire to pull it out and try it since the review, so that does show my actual interest and enjoyment of the toy.  However, it’s kinda of sad, the thought that the toy was not loved enough that it just died.

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Material – Vibe:  ABS Plastic
  • Materials – Panty:  80% Polyester, 20% Nylo
  • Size – Vibe: 2″ wide; 2.5″ long; 0.75″ at the thickest
  • Size – Panty: S (2/4), M (6/8), L (10/12), XL (14/16), XXL (18/20)

  • Price:  $79.00
  • Original Pros:  Rechargeable; Water-proof/splash-proof;  Stays in place;  Panty is comfortable
  • New Pros:  Rechargeable; Water-proof/splash-proof; Panty is comfortable; Price has dropped
  • Originals Cons:  Doesn’t work well with larger labia; A bit buzzy; May not be strong enough for some
  • New Cons:  Doesn’t work well with larger bodies; A bit buzzy; Battery has a “shelf life”
  • Original Rating:  3.5/5
  • New Rating:  1/5
  • Recommended:  Maybe

If you are still interested, the version being sold is the generation two which is stated as being stronger and charges through USB.  It also has more modes that you can use.  You can still purchase the vibe as well as the panty and lingerie sets over at My Fixation.  If you still need help, don’t forget to check out my original review.

Follow Up Friday: Shunga Arousal Gel

I decided to do a follow up review for the Shunga Arousal Gel because I recently tossed my bottle in the trash.  Not because it got funky or anything but because I used it all.  The original review was posted September 2011, so yes, the little bottle has lasted me that long.  I used it fairly frequently too, but a tiny bit is all you really need.  It’s one of the few products I have actually used until it runs out.  Even when I’ve gotten other arousal gels to try, I still come back to this one.  I’m actually considering getting a new bottle of it.  *gasp* me paying real money for something is big news!

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Pleasure Gels and Creas
  • Ingredients:  WaterGlycerinPropylene GlycolL-Arginine HCL, L-Ornithine HCL,  Hydroxyethylcellulose,Damiana ExtractPeppermint OilCapsicum O.R.Vitamin E
  • Size:  1 oz
  • Price:  $17.99
  • Original Pros:  Nice box and bottle; Comes with good pamphlets; Good texture; Nice stimulation
  • New Pros:  Subtle stimulation but good; Bottle lasts a long while; Good texture and doesn’t get sticky
  • Originals Cons:  A bit costly; Contains glycerin and L-Arginine; Could produce more stimulation
  • New Cons:  Bottle started to get gummy inside the cap; Contains glycerin and L-Arginine
  • Original Rating:  3/5
  • New Rating:  4/5
  • Recommended:  Yes

If you’re still not sure check out my original review.  The cheapest place I’ve found right now to buy it is over at Eden Fantasys.  Check out the Shunga Arousal Gel and other Shunga products there!

Follow Up Friday: Liberator Décor Wedge

I originally reviewed the Liberator Decor Wedge about a year and a half ago.  Since then, it really has not been used.  Since I have both the Decor Wedge and Heart Wedge, I tend to grab the Heart Wedge before this one.  The heart just works better with my shape.  The Decor Wedge is still a great wedge, but I found when using it to elevate my hips while on my stomach, the Decor Wedge tends to dig into my thighs and get a bit uncomfortable.  Since it had gone so unused, it has since found a new home where it will hopefully be used and appreciated more often than I did.

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Position Aid
  • Material:  Velvish cover, polyester lining, polyurethane foam core
  • Size:  13 1/2″ wide x 7 1/2″ tall x 15″ long, tapering to 1″
  • Price:  $69.00
  • Original Pros:  Cute and stylish; More stable than the Heart Wedge; Multi-use; Narrower tapering
  • New Pros:  Cute; More stable than the Heart Wedge; Multi-use; Can match your bedroom decor
  • Originals Cons:  None
  • New Cons:  Can dig into your thighs a bit; Not as versitile as the Heart Wedge
  • Original Rating:  5/5
  • New Rating:  4/5
  • Recommended:  Yes

You can buy the Liberator Decor Wedge directly through Liberator and be sure to check out my original review!

Follow Up Friday: Leaf Life

leaf life

The Life

I reviewed the Leaf Life near the start of this year.  The Leaf line had just came out and there was a lot of buzz (haha, get it?!) about it.  I had reviewed the Spirit as well, which I liked it, but the Life rocked  my socks off and I have to stay it still does.  The shape and vibrations make it my favorite and my go-to clit vibe.  I can honestly say I use this more than any of my other favorites.  When compared to the Je Joue Mimi it’s not quite as strong or as deep of a vibratio, but it works well for me.  It’s just right.  Plus it’s very easy to use and adjust the speed.  I’m still not a huge fan of the single button/push to hold style, but I’ve gotten much more used to it.   I almost never have to charge it either, I’ll give it a charge every few weeks and it’s good.  I’ve only had it die once or twice because it had been so long since I last charged it.

I also loved the package and I actually still use it.  I don’t store this toy in, but it makes a nice little place to keep some of my smaller toys when I store them so they don’t get lost in the bottom of a drawer.  It’s very sturdy.  I don’t really ever use the storage bag for this toy either, it has some other purpose now I’m sure though.

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Material:  Silicone
  • Size:  4? long; 1.5? wide
  • Price:  $130
  • Original Pros:  Awesome package; Storage bag; Nice silicone;  Good Vibration; Great shape; Good charge life
  • New Pros:  Package is great for other storage; Great shape; Good vibrations;
  • Originals Cons:  Annoying controls
  • New Cons:  Controls are slightly annoying
  • Original Rating:  5/5
  • New Rating:  5/5
  • Recommended:  Yes

I really love this toy and right now if you head over to Eden Fantasys you can get the Leaf Life for 25% off (or 30% if you add $20 bucks to your order), but only until the 31st.  If you’re not sure check out my original review for more details.

Follow Up Friday: Pure Joy Pleasure

pure joy pleasure from mypleasure

The Pure Joy Pleasure

Today’s follow up is a product I’m a bit unsure of now, the Pure Joy Pleasure glass dildo.  I reviewed this about six months ago.  When I reviewed it, I loved the shape and texture, but my current preferences are for a smoother texture.  I still like the Pure Joy Pleasure, but it is definitely not something I use very often.  The texture is a bit extreme and can make heavy thrusting a bit painful and rough.  This is definitely a toy for slow gentle thrusting with lots of lube.  I do feel that it has more of a g-spot curve than before after using it again.

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie, Dildo
  • Material:  Glass
  • Size:  7″ total length; 5.5″-6″ insert-able; 1.5″ in diameter
  • Price:  $59.95
  • Original Pros: Glass; Very pretty; Unique shape; Lots of texture; Can stand up on its base;  Good size; Safe for be; Pretty easy to clean
  • New Pros:  Still pretty, Good for g-spot stimulation; Easy to clean
  • Original Cons:   No storage bag; May be too much texture for some; I would like more of a curve
  • New Cons:   No storage bag; Too much texture
  • Original Rating:  4.5/5
  • New Rating:  4/5
  • Recommended:  Still yes, if you like a lot of texture

Be sure to check out the full review of the Pure Joy Pleasure and head over to MyPleasure to find it and the rest of Pure Joy line.

Follow Up Friday: Babeland Massage Oil Spray

babeland spray massage oil

What’s left of my oil

It’s been many months since I first reviewed the Babeland Massage Oil Spray.  My favorite use has still been to use it as a skin moisturizer after a shower.  I don’t use it ever shower, but I probably pull it out a few times a month.  I spritz a few sprays on my arms and legs and rub it in.  It leaves me so smooth and silky and the smell is very nice.  However, as you can see from the picture, I am nearly out.   However, I hope to refill it with some other oil I have because the sprayer is so nice.  This is one of my favorite products, while it isn’t great for massage, it’s a great after bath skin product that leaves you soft and sweet smelling.

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Sensual Massage Product
  • Ingredients: Sweet almond oilVitamin ECyclomethicone, and Fragrance
  • Size:  2 oz
  • Price:  $12.00
  • Original Rating:  5/5
  • New Rating:  5/5
  • Recommended:  Yes, I still like it as much as when I got it

You can pick up the Babeland Massage Oil Spray in Blackberry Vanilla Musk, Himalayan White Tea, Lavender Vanilla, or Orange Blossom over at Babeland.

Follow Up Friday: Sex Smarts

I’ve been bad about doing these follow up reviews… I’m going to try to be better about it.  Today I’m going to follow up on an item I reviewed over a year ago, the Sex Smarts game from MyPleasure.

sexsmarts game

The Box

I hadn’t really gotten much use out of this game until Momentum Con.  I decided to take it with me on the off chance I met a group of people to chill with during the evening.  Luckily I did and we broke out the game.  While we didn’t play it by any rules, we still had a lot of fun.  A few people took turns read off cards and everyone just yelled at an answer.  It was a great way to start conversations and it took us an hour or more to go through all the cards.  Ever one loved the little game and many asked where they could buy it at.  It was especially neat because in the group was my roommate for MCon, Garnet (formerly) of MyPleasure who had sent me the item to review in the first place.  She was thrilled that I brought it and thought it was a blast.

I think Sex Smarts is still a great little game.  It’s inexpensive, cute, and great for a group of open minded friends.  It could even be used if you’re a sex educator as some good ice breaker questions.  You can pick it up for $24.95 over at MyPleasure.

Follow Up Friday: Earthly Body Glow Oil

I decided to do a follow up friday for the Earthly Body Glow Oil because I recently obtained another scent.  In my original review, I talked about the Naked in the Woods scent, which is a white tea and ginger.  I really love the smell and it really clings to your skin. I also now have a full 8 oz size bottle of the Sunshower scent.  This is listed as jasmine, honey suckle, and plumeria.  It has a fairly strong floral scent, which some people might not like.  It also has a very light note of honey suckle that I really enjoy finding.

earthly body glow oil

Large bottle - Sunshower; Small bottle - Naked in the Woods

The Glow Oil is by far one of my favorite skin products to use after I take a shower.  It’s easy to apply since it mists and it rubs in easily and quickly.  It also leaves my skin super soft and moisturized and lightly scented.  I highly recommend this product for anyone and FunWares sells it in both a scented and flavored/edible version with many scents and flavors for each type for only $13.95 for an 8 oz bottle.

The Glow Oil comes in Dreamsicle (Tangerine/Plum), High Tide, Lavendar, Nag Champa (East Indian Incense), Naked in the Woods (White Tea/Ginger), Skinny Dip (Vanilla/Cotton Candy), Squeezed (White Grapefruit/Citrus), Sunshower (Jasmine/Honeysuckle/Plumeria), Tropical (Pina Colada), and Wild Surf (Apple Floral).

The Edible Glow Oil comes in Cherry, Chocolate, Grape, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Watermelon.

Be sure to check out my original reviews of the Earthly Body Glow Oil and the Earthly Body Edible Glow Oil.

Follow Up Friday: Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry

I wasn’t thinking about writing a follow up review for this until I was looking through my lube and noticed something funny about this one.  When I got to looking I noticed that there was a film of mold growing around the top of the bottle.  I’ve never seen this happen in any of the lube I’ve had, so I think it’s kinda weird and extremely gross.  Needless to say, I have not used this since I reviewed it, nor will I be.  I do have a pink lemonade version that does not appear to have molded.

sliquid swirl blue raspberry

Hard to tell, but you can see white down in the bottle and kind of a film where it should be liquid

I guess the main lesson and point of this post is to be careful how you use your lube and any “backwash” that could happen from touching the bottle and dispensing it.  If you want to check out any of the Sliquid Swirl flavors, I do recommend them and you can find all six flavors over at EdenFantasys. By the way, check out my original review of this if you want to know what I thought about it before it turned icky.

Follow Up Friday: Handmaiden

I was looking through all the products I’ve reviewed and the Handmaiden G-Spot Seeker is the one that stuck out to me the most.  Why did it stick out to me?  Because I haven’t touched it since I reviewed it.

adam & even handmaiden

The Handmaiden

It was a product I had seen for a long time, before I had even started reviewing, and really wanted.  This looked like just what I needed to find my g-spot and bring me to that point that I’ve so very much wanted to reach.  However, it just didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it too.  It’s a little awkward to use and is a little thicker than I’d prefer.  I also didn’t find the clitoral part to be overly stimulating and I think having bullet you can insert into it.  It does put a lot of pressure on the g-spot though which some people will really enjoy.  The silicone is very soft and doesn’t attract a lot of lint and comes with a nice storage back which is another plus.  Overall for me though, this is a toy that just didn’t work as well for me as I hoped, but I do think someone will fall in love with it



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