Dating Fail #2

So, I like OkCupid a lot better than PlentyofFish.  It’s a better designed site with a spiffy matching algorithm, though I get a lot less mail there, the group of guys seem to be better quality.  I’d guess there’s not as many guys just looking for sex, even though there is an option to look for casual sex, right?  Wrong.

So while I was still dating my ex, I’d hope on to look for friends, cause it can be a good social networking site.  I’d hope on, but didn’t really do much.  One day I logged on to see I had missed some IM messages from a “Captbdick”

Him: It’s too bad your status is seeing someone, I’d love to show you a good time, if you get my drift 😉
Him: You’re sexy as hell.
Him: Ah, it looks like I missed you. Get back to me sometime, let’s chat!

Captbdick… first of all what a clever name, I don’t know how he came up with that all by himself.  Plus he has no picture and no info in his profile.  But then to basically ask me to cheat on my boyfriend?  Um… no thank you… I choose to ignore the message and move on.  But boys can be persistent…  I logged in ten days later and he caught me online.  I tried to be polite and talk to him, I probably should have just kept ignoring him.

Him: Hey cuteasaurus 😉
Me: hi
Him: It’s too bad your status says “seeing someone”, because you’ve got a great figure 🙂
Him: I love women with nice curves.
Me: um.. thanks
Him: Not that I want it to if you’re happy (which I’m sure you are), but if that relationship status ever changes we should have some fun 🙂
Him: Was I too forward?
Me: even if i were single that’s not what i’d be looking for so
Him: Oh, because some of the questions you answered said that you were interested in meaningless sex, or that you’d date someone just for the sex, so I thought…
Me: those questions were answered almost a year ago too
Him: Sex is still as fun now as it was a year ago 😀
Him: Not taking the relationship status into account, what would make you change your mind about that?
Me: i don’t know i don’t even remember answering these questions really
Me: but either way, i didn’t sign up on this site to look for meaningless sex, etc
Him: Well that’s a shame, because pleasuring you would be a real pleasure in itself 🙂
Him: So if you don’t want to hook up, that’s cool, but how about we talk about sexual escapades? I’d love to hear about some kinky stuff you’ve done.

Was he too forward?  I’d say very much yes.  So yes, I did answer questions saying I enjoy meaningless sex and whatnot, but I do not have on my profile that I am looking for casual sex.  There’s a difference in saying you like it and seeking it out, especially when I was still dating some one at the time.   Plus most of the questions you can answer on there only give a yes or no with no room to answer in between, though now you can explain your answer, but either way.  I just stopped replying to the last few messages.

You’d think after that he’d still be discouraged, but nope.  Shortly after my boyfriend broke up with me I changed my status to single and I don’t even think a day later I got the following message from the same guy.

So I noticed that your status changed… that’s never any fun when that happens of course, but maybe we could have some fun of our own instead 🙂 Are you sure your answers to the sex questions weren’t even hinting a little bit at the truth?

Gosh, he just wouldn’t leave me alone.  I was reading my September issue of Cosmo and there was a question of what’s the best way to turn a guy down.  The answer was to ignore him cause there’s nothing you can say that would convince a guy who likes you that he has no shot.  You an tell him “I do not find you attractive.  I find you not only boring but also annoying” and he’ll think “Hey, she’s still talking to me”.  I’ve learned this is very much true.  So yeah, if you have a guy you have no interest in that keeps talking to you… ignore him.

Do you have a Dating Fail story you’d like to share?  Email it to me and I’ll make sure to post it!  Doesn’t have to be about you or online dating and feel free to change any names.

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  • DB

    You know what, I joined OKCupid and had a similar experience. I mainly joined because of the loads of quiz’s and fun questionnaires. Their site is awesome, the way it is set up is really neat and fun. I wasn’t there for dating but if I was, I have no doubt I would of gotten matched up with someone who was truly compatible with me. I didn’t do much to my profile either. However I got a random dude, no pic, barely at info, who would not leave me alone. I tried being polite, ignoring him, telling him I wasn’t interested and telling him I was in a relationship and I even set my profile to in a relationship. He just wouldn’t leave me alone regardless. I was blunt, very blunt, and rude but he still did not take the hint and accused me of playing ‘hard to get’. sigh. I didn’t even have a photo of myself up, yet he was complimenting me and talking about meeting up. like, wtf? I ended up deleting my account within like 2 weeks of making it. Anyways, cool post and good luck!

    • Thanks! This guy is actually still messaging me, and told me I should change the answers to my questions so I don’t mislead guys. Um… says pretty clearly that I’m not looking for casual sex… so yeah… I’ve blocked him but I think it’ll still show up, bu I’m not sure.

  • Poonanners

    Oh wow – this guy has been barking up my tree too.

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