Dating Fail #78

I’ve gotten a huge influx of messages recently, and I’m not really sure why.  I uploaded a new picture, but it was a crappy fuzzy picture…. I’ve been meaning to re-write my profile as well.  For now though, here is an oddly robotic sounding message I received.

My name is Mike and I enjoyed your profile. I am 100% real and represent the person you read about in my profile. I see that we do not live that far from each other and I would like the opportunity to get to know you.
If you are interested in starting a friendship and see where things go, I do hope to hear back from you”

Definitely a copy paste message that was sent to who knows how many girls.  The funny thing is I’m not even that close to the guy, at least in my opinion.

The odd part of the message is his assurance that he is a real person.  I’ve never felt the need to assure anyone that I’m real.  Perhaps he really is a robot and is trying to cover it up.

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