Dating Fail #79

This post is two of the strangest, non-sexual (at least I think they are non-sexual) messages I have received lately.

In my last post I mentioned that I did upload a new picture.  This picture is posing with my first piece of real New York pizza during my trip to NYC.  Shortly after I posted it I got this message:

“Hey ma lady! That pizza looks good girrrllll!!!”

Um… thanks?  How do you respond to someone telling the random food in your picture looks good?  Or maybe it is a sexual-reference that I’ve never heard before.

Next, is a reference to part of my profile.  On the part about admitting something private, I talk about how my shoe collection is growing.  I received this message:

“Do you want my spare nike hi tops for your collection?”

Err… I don’t collect random people’s shoes?  That’s just kinda weird… I don’t have a foot or a shoe fetish.    Just… odd

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