Dating Fail #8

Today I bring you a sort of dating fail from Craigslist.  I’m sure the original listing is going to be taken down soon, but we’ll see.

So I was browsing through some local Craigslist posting just to see if there was anything worth looking at or would give me a good laugh.  While browsing the men seeking women personals, I came across this post:

My first thought was “Wow, what a vengeful bitch” and I think that’s what I’ll call her for the rest of my post, VB.  I mean how many of the ladies that read my blog would do this?  I’m a bitch, but even this is a little much for me.

VB starts with:

I could really use your help..
This is my CHEATING X boyfriend Chris.. He has a Little Baby Penis.

So i decided to share.. or rather expose! Ladies Please Enjoy a Laugh on him and his Thin Little 4 inch Cock!!

He has a little baby penis?  It looks pretty ya know… average to me, but perhaps my view is a little skewed by the guys I’ve dated.  He may be slightly smaller it’s a little hard to tell from just the pictures, but still, it’s not like he has a micropenis or anything.  But either way, I’m sorry that VB has such a gaping hole of a vagina (too mean?) that she needs to post this and complain about her ex’s lack of size.

Next VB goes on to say:

Ladies Lets stick together.. Call the little Prick, and laugh at his shortcummings and let him know everyone in town knows!!Have some fun, scare him abit..
We need to call out these perverted pindick cheaters..

So PLEASE Ring him anytime, and don’t be shy, no holding back 😉 Feel free to mention his premature ejaculation
his cell
star 67 blocks caller id 54zero 66four 08 four four .. Karma is a Bitch 😀

Thanks !

Giving out his cell phone number?  That’s pretty damn low.  Posting some naked pictures, okay, maybe he deserved it, but she hasn’t even said what he’s done yet, just that he ‘cheated’.   She also calls him perverted, but being a cheater doesn’t make you a pervert in my book.  I’m a perv but I’m not a cheater.  And then the premature ejaculation issues, lots of guys have some problems, but it doesn’t mean it’s his fault.

And lastly VB ends with:

ps, thought i was stepping up, and being a better person by over looking his short cummings.!. Until he answered a friend of mines CL Personal post!! He confessed everything (unbeknowing to him!) and contintued to insit on meeting her and even sent her these pictures! ….. I know it sounds too funny, but it hurts too!!

She thought she was being a better person… hmm.  Yes coming along and posting this makes you SUCH the better person.  She’s starting to make little sense here too.  So her ex answered VB’s friend personal post and he (her friend? I don’t know it’s too ambiguous) congested everything.  I don’t know exactly.  But either way, VB is very much a woman scorned.

Either way, I don’t feel that anything the ex could have done would be deserving of this… and by VB’s post it makes me think she’s pretty much a full-time bitch so perhaps she drove her ex to look elsewhere.  It’s bad to think that, but I know a lot of girls that are such bitches to their boyfriend’s I can understand why they would do some of the things they do.

5 comments to Dating Fail #8

  • Very VB but I wish I knew the other side to it! Oh, CL drama, will you never tire? xD

    Also, tiny penis? Hah. I have seen MUCH smaller. And ones that couldn’t even GET hard. Making fun of a dude’s dick and naming/giving a picture of him/it online should be reserved for only the TRULY deserving, like if he nailed your Mom or killed your dog or something.

  • Lizz

    Not everything is always as it seems.
    There are men with a fetish for being belittled and degraded by women. It is very possible that he posted this ad and these pictures himself, hoping to get women callers whom he can jerk off to while they rip into him for being a small dicked cheater or whatever.

    Just the way its worded it seems fishy “Call him anytime” what would a VB care if you called him during breakfast or at midnight.

    Just my thoughts. 😀 either way its amusing.

  • She would have been the better person…until this. Wow! It is funny, but I feel bad for him at the same time!

  • What? His dick looks great! There’s nothing wrong with it at all.

    If this is a serious revenge advertisement, all I can say is that people are so damn cruel. Grow up and find a better way to solve your issues.

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