Dating Fail #80

I really shouldn’t have expected much out of a dude making a duck face in his profile picture with the username “LoveMeOrHateMe25″…. but I’ve been so desperate lately I’ve been giving almost anyone a chance, at least through messages. I should have trusted my better judgement.

Him:  Hey, what’s up? I’m not the best at this but you seem like a cool person I’d like to get to know and hang out sometime. I hope to hear back from you?

Very copy-paste first message… but like I said I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.

Me:  What makes me seem like a cool person? I’m always curious as to what people pick up on from my profile. Also, I’m guessing you are a gamer from one of your pictures.

Him:  I can read people well and get a good general idea from just looking at them and yes I am but tell me a little about yourself

Refuses to talk about himself (also noticed in his rather barren profile).

Me:  Well what do you want to know?

Him:  Height, longest relationship, sports, pets

Wait… what?  Height is seriously the first thing he lists on wanting to know?  Okay whatever, but dude, that shows you haven’t even looked at my profile seeing as it’s on there… It gets better from there.

Me:  Why is height an important factor in getting to know someone?

Him:  It isn’t?

Me:  Not really… my height has nothing to do with my personality… It’s also on my profile.

Him:  Didn’t realize how height was such a sensitive subject haha

Me:  It’s not a sensitive subject…. but it seriously has nothing to do with my personality and I don’t see why it is the first thing you list in wanting to know about a person.

Him:  Okay whatever I have enough stress take care

Me:  Too much stress to answer a simple question on why something is important to you? Alright then.

Him:  No but making it into an argument

Me:  I am not argument, you are interpreting my messages with your own tone.

Me:  Not making it an argument

At this point I just blocked his dumb ass.  His stupidity isn’t worth my time.

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  • Jacob

    Honestly, this is kind of common. It’s probably a personality mismatch. I’m naturally curious person and some people just don’t like it too much and consider it “overthinking”. And in my experience (hetero cis male) height is a deal breaker for many women (I probably don’t know why, because the best I could get was that it’s because of high heels and that seems too irrelevant).

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