Dating Fail #83

So last week we had a message of a messaging me on two different sites.  This week is a guy messaging me twice on the same site by mistake.  Here is the first set:

Him:  would you be interested in a cute blonde guy

Me:  “Cute blonde guy” tells me nothing to know if I would be interested or not. If you read my profile though (which I suggest doing with any woman on here) you’ll see I’m not looking for a hook up.

Now he didn’t respond to that.  He also has no picture and very little on his profile.  So little I’ll share it all

My self-summary

i am a totally disease free cute blond guy who enjoys meeting women and having a fun time with them . i am very polite , tall , muscular and good looking .

What I’m doing with my life

i am hoping to retire and move to a warm climate someday

I’m really good at

making a woman feel good

The first things people usually notice about me 

my blue eyes

You should message me if 

you are looking for a guy to come visit you when you need to feel good

So at least he is straight and to the point.  But with no pictures, how am I supposed to know if you are cute? Or even if you have blond hair and blue eyes?  But if your only qualifications in someone to play with are that they are blond with blue eyes, tall, and polite, then I guess that’s your thing.

So that would have been one thing, just ignored it and left it alone if he hadn’t messaged me again the next day (a seperate message thread).

Him:  wanna chat

Me:  You messages me yesterday. I haven’t changed my mind.

Him:  sorry – wrong person

Me:  I would suggest a better strategy.

Him:  no – I am honest about what I want – not too many women take me up – but I don’t want to mislead

Wrong person?  Okay, this isn’t a text that you typed the name wrong or something and sent it to the wrong person.  To message someone on OkCupid you have to click on their profile and then click message.  You would have to be doing this in a mass message style to mis-message someone.

He even admits, not many women take him up, but oh he doesn’t want to mislead.  Because you totally can’t sort people by what they are looking for, such as casual sex (you can).  Or maybe read a person’s profile to see if that’s something that they sound like they are interested in and message them more than a “Hey, you interested?”  From that I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be interested in.  Give someone something to be interested in and take some interest in them.  Plus, if you just want to fuck, there are better sites out there for it than OkCupid.

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