Dating Fail #84

I had thought that I was running a little short on fail worthy material, but I went through some old messages on Plenty of Fish and that’s where I found this winner:

Hey, with the video games. The love for movies, either going out or buying new ones. I think we have a lot in common. I would like to get to know you more, and possibly go out this summer with you and see a few of those movies we like watching. I’m not a bad guy, a player, or nothing like that. Honestly, I’m an old anime fan looking for his partner in crime, lol, sort a speak. Hit me up.”

Overall, it’s not bad and it does hit on some of the stuff on my profile.  What got me more was how he writes.  He lists the things but it’ s a bit odd. “The love for movies, either going out or buying new ones.”  I actually don’t talk about movies in my profile, I just have them listed as an interest.  He also doesn’t list it on his profile.  Then he brings up anime, which I have no mention of on my profile and I don’t understand how it relates to partner in crime…  Oh, but he makes sure to assure me he’s not a bad guy or a player.

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