Dating Fail #86

Today’s fail doesn’t come from a first message, or even a series of messages that was just going poorly to start with.  I had messaged a guy and we started chatting.  The subject of Doctor Who came up, he was knowledgeable about it, so I assumed that it was something he was into.  Plus, really, who DOESN’T like Doctor Who?  From the conversation, it was clear that it was something I really enjoy.  However, it turns out he is not a Whovian.  I told him I think the show has something for everyone, but he kept pushing back saying he had seen bits and didn’t really like it and such.  I was saying I didn’t get into it until I watched quite a bit in order.  When I asked if he had started from the beginning of the newer set of series this was the response:

Well the beginning of the new season and even read a overview on wiki. O just don’t care for the feel, theme, characters, cinematography, production values and themes of the show. Its just something I don’t really want to give a shot at based on what I have seen. I know its hugely popular and a lot of people like it. Its just like I love Tim and Eric bit I know a majority of people don’t and I don’t expect them to.

O… kay then.  So is there anything you forgot to list about the show I clearly adore that you can’t possibly stand?  He admits to not having seen much and only reading about it and is completely unwilling to even try it.  I would at least try to watch a show a partner was really into, but even if it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t provide a detailed list about everything I found wrong with it, especially if I were just getting to know someone.  And if he didn’t want to talk about it, there’s any other ways to handle the situation.  However, reflecting back on the whole conversation, I had picked a weird element out of his profile to message about, the conversation didn’t really go anywhere so I pushed and he replied that he had a “whole profile to pull information from” and he didn’t seem to care when I said I had a sinus headache and the giant wall of text that (wasn’t very well organized) on his profile was hard to read.  Guess pain isn’t an excuse.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some, and this guy definitely lost my interest.

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