Dating Fail #88

Today’s fail comes from OkCupid.  It’s a little disappointing because it’s from a guy that I might have actually been into except for… well read it for yourself.

“Hey Jen, Damond here. Being a young woman who seems I can identify with being a geek and all, I wanted to ask you about this poly thing. Most of you lovely ladies that pop up in high matching for me are into it. Also PlayStation or Xbot? I know you don’t game as much but gotta see how epic a mount you might be”

Starts off well but the second sentence doesn’t make sense.  “Being a young woman who seems I can identify with” errr…. you aren’t a woman? Or are you reminding me that I am?  Okay though about asking about the poly.  Interesting that he says a lot of his matches say that they are poly, especially when he calls himself a serial monogamist on his profile.  If he had left it at that, I probably would have responded and talked about poly.  But he goes on…

Next he asks me about my gaming and which system I prefer, though he misspells “Xbox”, kind of amusing.  If he had even left it at asking about my gaming preferences, I would have responded.  But he goes on to tell me he has to see how “epic a mount” I might be.  Maybe it was intended to be funny, but to me it comes off as gross and crass.  No thanks.

Also in a Dating Fail first.  As I was writing up this post he sent me another message, probably because I had looked at his profile again.  Nothing long just a “poke poke”.  Because obviously if I didn’t respond to the message you sent weeks ago, poking me will remind me right?

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