Dating Fail #89

This one comes from Plenty of Fish.  I don’t usually spend too much time on there, but I decided to take a poke around.  I ended up sending an interesting seeming guy a message and he responded right away and we started having a conversation.  That is until he thought it was okay to talk about boobs.

We started talking about geeky things, cosplaying, and cons.  Told him I would like to cosplay as Power Girl and he said I’d do it pretty well.  The conversation wandered a bit until I said I had summers off.

Him:  Why the summers off?

Me:  I teach high school

Him:  Ahh. Fun fun =P Your students must love you.  Hehe

Me:  Why’s that?

Him:  You a hottie teacher =P

Me:  Ahh, thanks

Him:  Your welcome.  What do you teach?

Me:  I teach Engineering

Him:  Yep.  Thats really hot. =P

Me:  how is that hot?

Him:  Science nerdy teacher with big boobs = hot

Me:  Ahh okay.  Thanks I suppose.

Him:  Are we not supposed to discuss them?  I mean two of your 5 pictures you are displaying enormous amounts of cleavage.  Figured you put it out there for the attention it should get.

And that’s about where it ends.  I told him no I didn’t do it for attention (plus it doesn’t work if I did seeing as I don’t get that many messages).  I also only have one that I would consider “enormous” amounts of cleavage.  But seriously, this plays into the whole “rape culture” idea lately.  Just because it’s on display does that mean you should talk about it?  No, it doesn’t.  Plus to assume I do it because I’m attention seeking… that just pisses me off.  Anyone that knows me I am not one to seek out attention.  When I showed this to a friend he said that the guy just got defensive because of my “inability to take a compliment”.  Which made me even more mad -.-

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