Dating Fail #94

This week’s fail is another from OkCupid.  Now before I start I should tell you that the guys username was “dickthatdontqut “.  Classy huh?

Him:  Z had any good dick lately I’m here to please like you’re typing your style

I was tempted to ask him what good dick was or something about not fucking any zombies so it’s been good.

Me:  Uhh… no thanks

Him:  By that I mean grab a bite to eat perhaps a drink I was wondering if you like black men

Uh huh… so asking if you have any good dick is really just code for wanting to go out and if I like a particular race.

Me:  Still no thanks

Him:  Do you not like black men sorry it the way that I came to you earlier but I consider myself a go getter when I see something I like I try my hardest to get it

Me:  It has nothing to do with the color of your skin. It’s your message and your username and you are also over an hour away. I’m not interested.

Yes… because obviously the only reason why I would not want to talk to him is because he’s black.  Not the awful username or asking if I’ve had any good dick.   But hey, he’s a go getter.  That makes it all better.

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