Dating Fail #95

Another volley of messages from OkCupid.  For this particular set I was feeling extra snarky, which is the only reason I replied to begin with.  Plus, the dude was 53.

Him:  Cute

Me:  Creepy

Him:  Lol ok

Me:  You are old enough to be my father.

Him:  And how did I know that

Really?  No idea?  You clicked on my profile and looked at my pictures and didn’t notice the age?

Me:  … my age is on my profile? And I’d hope you’d know your own age.

Him:  Ok. Not all say that.  Some like

Me:  Good for them. I also have the age range I’m looking for on my profile.

Him:  I understand. But just checking

Yes, I’ll just check.  Obviously all the text and such on this profile is just a ruse to get guys to work to prove they are really interested.

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