Dating Fail #98

Today’s fail, I decided to pull one from Fetlife.  I haven’t been getting too many stupid messages on there lately, but this was actually from a conversation I started.

Me:  I dig the Torchwood quote in your profile. Makes me want to go back and re-watch it to find it. It’s been a while.

Him:  Hi there, thanks, yep, I’m definitely a fan of the show, but also meant the quote. How goes your week, anything interesting happen?

Me:  Nothing too interesting. Trying to get back into a regular schedule and getting work done and such. Have you gotten out to any events?

It seemed to be going well and we seemed to have a good deal in common.  However a month went by and nothing.  People do get busy and loose interest, but then a month later I got this message:

Him:  A munch, yes, and I was planning on going to more…and then something unexpected happen…I was struck by the awesomeness of a young lady I recently happened upon; for starters, she climbed 10 miles up to Mt. Everest base camp. I’ve been spending most of my free time with her.

For me, it was the detail here.  He could have just said “Sorry, I met someone”, but he felt the need to include here life achievements.  Adding the detail, especially for such a big feat, just seems like he’s rubbing my face in it.  Oh you were okay, but look at how much MORE interesting this person is!  Thanks dude…

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