So since most blogs have this, I figured I better do it too, plus the FTC urges people to do it I believe, so here I am to officially disclose all information about this blog.

Many of the products I review here I have recieved free of charge to me in exchange for my honest review.  I am a member of review programs through several companies and I am not compensated for my reviews.  When I have received a product from a company for free, I will state what company it was from in the review.  When I have received a product from a specific store there will be many links in the post to that store as part of the guildlines I am required to follow to participate in these programs.  If I do not state that I received an item free of charge, I have personally purchased the product and will be giving the review based on my opinion of the product and if I support the product or not.

I am also an affilate of several stores as well, including most of those with which I am a member of their review program.  When someone clicks through an affiliate link on my blog and places an order, I receive a small percentage commission of the sale.

I want to education people with my blog, the money is only an added bonus and helps to support me and fund my blog.  If you are interested in supporting me further, either with donations or paid advertisements, please contact me.


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