Follow Up Friday: Gun Oil Silicone

gun oil silicone lube

The bottle

I decided I should probably do a follow-up review of a product I still love, the Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant.  This was my first review for Fascinations and I was a little wary about it.  I mean the bottle it comes in was decorated to look like a bullet.  This is probably one of my favorite silicone lubricants.  It is very runny, but unlike other silicone lubes I have tired, it’s not sticky.  I’m sure other thicker silicone lubes are great for anal play, but they always leave me feeling bleck after vaginal play.  The Gun Oil is thin and slick enough that it blends in much better with my own natural lubrication.  Plus, it’s super moisturizing.  I actually tend to use it on my lady bits just as a moistruzier, especially after shaving and whatnot.  It has aloe and vitamin E which help sooth and soften your skin, plus since the silicone doesn’t soak into your skin, it forms a thin barrier to help protect your skin.  I really love this stuff.  Oh and a little bit goes a REALLY long way.  I use it quiet often and don’t think I’ve even begun to put a dent in the bottle.

If you’d like to know more about Gun Oil Silicone, please check out my original review.


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