Follow Up Friday: Sex Smarts

I’ve been bad about doing these follow up reviews… I’m going to try to be better about it.  Today I’m going to follow up on an item I reviewed over a year ago, the Sex Smarts game from MyPleasure.

sexsmarts game

The Box

I hadn’t really gotten much use out of this game until Momentum Con.  I decided to take it with me on the off chance I met a group of people to chill with during the evening.  Luckily I did and we broke out the game.  While we didn’t play it by any rules, we still had a lot of fun.  A few people took turns read off cards and everyone just yelled at an answer.  It was a great way to start conversations and it took us an hour or more to go through all the cards.  Ever one loved the little game and many asked where they could buy it at.  It was especially neat because in the group was my roommate for MCon, Garnet (formerly) of MyPleasure who had sent me the item to review in the first place.  She was thrilled that I brought it and thought it was a blast.

I think Sex Smarts is still a great little game.  It’s inexpensive, cute, and great for a group of open minded friends.  It could even be used if you’re a sex educator as some good ice breaker questions.  You can pick it up for $24.95 over at MyPleasure.

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