Momentum Adventures

So I probably should have written this post sooner, but I’ve been crazy busy (if you haven’t noticed from the lack of posts).

First, I want to say that Momentum was AWESOME.  I was really nervous about going and started to back out because I didn’t feel important enough to go.  The few days before I was watching Twitter and so many well known people in the Sexuality community were going to be there.  I’m just a little blogger, why should I go?  So I packed up my car and made the drive to DC (oh how I hate driving).  Driving near DC probably causes me more stress than everything else in my life combined.  But I made it to the hotel and got registered.

The first person I met was Jenn from Tantus.  She was so nice and awesome!  I wandered around a bit, went to the ice cream social and met @_Uncensor.  Shortly before the opening keynote started I got to meet my hotel roommate, Garnet from MyPleasure who introduced me to Shanna Katz.  Afterwards I introduced myself to Dr. Ruthie and headed up to the room to do some homework, yeah yeah, boring, but I had a big presentation due the Monday after.  I worked for an hour or so and decided to wander down to the bar to see what was going on.  I found Garnet and she introduced me to the founder of njoy and nobessence.

Saturday I got up and headed to some sessions and later that day I got to meet a friend that lives in the area for lunch.  Later that evening I got to meet Dr. Carol Queen and Dr. Charlie Glickman and talk to them both.  Dr. Glickman even knew my blog! How cool is that?  Later that night a bunch of us hung out down t the bar and passed around some of my toys and even got to play a game I reviewed a while back, SexSmarts.

Unfortunately Sunday I had to head back by about 1.  I attended a few other sessions before I left but then it was time to say my good buys and get back on the road *sad panda*

Overall, it was a great time.  I learned a lot and got to do a lot of networking and met a lot of awesome people.  I plan on going back again next year for sure!

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