Review: Penis Bandz

Today I’m going to talk about my first novelty product.  Not a sex toy, but more of a gag item.  So what am I talking about?  I’m going to talk about Penis Bandz! I won a pack from True Pleasure’s give away (and also will be receiving another pack that I won from Misfit Momma).

The Run Down:

  • Manufacture: Penis Bandz
  • Material:Silicone
  • Price: $7.00
  • Recommended Use: Fling them at friends, give them away, wear them, trade them, whatever you want.
  • Pros: You can’t tell the shape once on your wrist (unless you have small wrists); Very stretchy; Keep their shape after being stretched
  • Cons: Shipping packaging is not discreet; Are a little tight on me
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5
  • Recommended: Ehh.. maybe

Now, my first issue with Penis Bandz is how they arrived to me.  I received many packages while I was away for Thanksgiving and I told my roommates to just set stuff on my bed for me.  I try to intercept as many packages as I can, just so they don’t ask questions, but all the packages I have received with various toys have been discreetly shipped.

Penis Bandz envelopes

Penis Bandz do come in a plain while envelope, but the problem I had was the return address labels. Instead of of a discreete company name it says “Penis Bandz.”  When I saw my first thought as “Really? Crap…” because I knew my roommates could have seen it.  I just hope they didn’t notice it.  Since I’m expecting another package I’m going to really have to look out to intercept them.

All the shapes and colors

Penis Bandz come in a small plastic bag with 12 bandz in a package.  They are made of 100% silicone and come in 4 colors: Red, Blue, Black, and Purple. Each color is a different shaped penis.  I think my favorite is the black one with hairy balls but the blue one is cute too.  There are four of each color in the pack.

The Bandz on my wrist

The Bandz are very stretchy and the shape is completely stretched out on my wrist.  This is kind of neat because you can wear them out and no one would know you have a bunch of stretchy rubber penises on your wrist. My wrist are 7″ in circumference so someone with much smaller wrists, they may keep more of their shape.  If you desire that, good, if not I would probably not wear these out in public.  I did find that they cut into my wrists a little bit and left indentation marks for quite a while.  The good thing though, is even after the bandz have been stretched for a while, they do return to their original shape.  I thought they would be stretched out some but they actually weren’t.

Overall, Penis Bandz are kind of cute and fun.  They’d make a good gag gift for a friend or be fun for a Bachelorette party.  If you live with roommates though, I wouldn’t order directly from Penis Bandz.  I’m not sure what I will do with all my little rubbery penises.  I may leave them in the bathrooms around campus, hang them on bulletin boards or something, but we’ll see!

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