Position of the Week #5: The Butterfly

This weeks position is brought to us from SexInfo101.com.  It’s a site I’ve frequented before and they have tons of awesome ANIMATED positions!

So here it is, this week’s position is the Butterfly!

The still picture here doesn’t really do the butterfly justice, so I highly recommend clicking through to look at the animated version on SexInfo101.com!  Plus I mean come on, you know you want to look at animated sex, don’t lie!

The Butterfly is performed with the female or receiving partner laying on the edge of a bed, couch, or anything that has an edge (though I don’t recommend cliffs) and plants their feet on the floor.  The penetrating partner stands or kneels between their legs.  This can be difficult to find something that is a good height to work off of though.  Also, if the receiving partner is very short while the giver is tall, the receiver will probably not be able to plant their feet on the floor.  I know my bed is rather short, but higher than a kneeling waist height unless it’s a very tall guy and some beds are taller than a standing waist height.  It may take some playing around with to find a perfect surface for you and your partner, but it could lead to some fun excursions around the house and out if you dare!

Another tip that SexInfo101 gives is that a pillow under the knees of the kneeling partner may be helpful, which I can see.  I have hardwood floors and kneeling and thrusting could get a bit painful on your knees.

The Butterfly does allow for both slow and fast thrusting, but it feels like a very intimate position to me.  It also does not provide any added g-spot stimulation, unless of course your partner is curved just right.  However, the best thing about this position is that the receiving partner is very open for any touching and caressing, so if you’re giving, be sure to play with her clit or his cock a little! It also provides a lovely visual for the giving partner.  It is possible for the receiving partner to touch the giving partner, but that will depend on arm/torso length, it could be difficult to reach without sitting or leaning up.

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