Review: Caviar Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Creamy Massage Oil

You guys know one of my favorite things in the world is to get a massage and I love products that enhance receiving one.  Holisitc Wisdom was kind enough to send me the Caviar Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Creamy Massage Oil to review.  Yes that’s right, caviar.  Caviar extract is actually one of the ingredients in this.

The Run Down:

anti-stress creamy massage oil

The tube

The Creamy Massage Oil comes in a tall 4 oz tube.  It’s white with simple dark blue lettering on it.  It looks no different than a bottle of hand cream.  It does say “with pheromones” but I don’t think anyone would take a second look at this if you had it setting on your dresser.  It has a simple flip top lid so it’s very easy to open and dispense with one hand.

The cream itself is very thick.  It lives up to the package when it says it doesn’t drip.  Even though it is thick, it does not rub in like a lotion.  It’s very slick and gives a good amount of glide for a massage.  It doesn’t seem to last as long as a normal oil, but even after it’s rubbed in it leaves the skin smooth so your hands still slide easily.  The package says “Apply sparingly, but PAMPER yourself.” which to me seems a little odd.  I would suggest starting out with a small amount first and then add more as you need it.  A little will cover a large area so you probably won’t need that much.

anti-stress creamy massage oil

The cap

The tube states that there was no animal testing on this product.  It’s still not a vegan product though, since it does have caviar extract in it, which by the way is said to be a very good moisturizer and skin conditioner.  The ingredient list is fairly tame.  It is an oil based product so if you are going to use latex condoms after you use this please wash your hands.  It also contains a few forms of silicone.  It also says for external use only, so I would not recommend using it as a lubricant with any type of condoms or toys.  It does also have parabens in it, so unfortunately for those with allergies, this product should be avoided.    It also says it doesn’t stain, so if you get it on your sheets it should wash right now.

The scent I received is called “serene”.  When I think of something serene I usually think of soft water smells, maybe slightly floral, and the massage cream is definitely not that.  To me, it smells very citrusy, not like pledge citrusy, but I do get a very orange scent from it.  The smell to me is more of an ‘energizing’ smell than a relaxing, anti-stress smell.  Not that I don’t like the smell, I do, and it does smell nice while receiving a massage, I just found the name of “serene” to be inappropriate for it.  I also didn’t notice any pheromone effect.

Overall, I did enjoy the Anti-Stress Creamy Massage Oil.  It’s a much different texture than most oils and while it doesn’t last as long it’s a lot easier to apply.  The scent is a bit stronger than some oils I’ve used, but I didn’t find it over bearing.  I like it when I can actually smell the scent while I’m being massaged.  Plus it’s fairly inexpensive, so I think it would be a good buy, especially if you enjoy a citrus smell.

*This review was sponsored by Holistic Wisdom, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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