Review: Apollo Power Stroker

My fate when receiving male toys to review is that when I request them, I have a fairly regular partner, but by the time I get the item, I am no longer with that partner.  Such was the case with the Apollo Power Stroker from California Exotic Novelties.  Parts of this review, mostly the technical pieces, are my analysis of the toy, while the stuff in use is written by a friend that has helped me with other male item reviews on my site.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Male Stroker
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Includes:  Stroker, Regular end cap; Suction cup end cap
  • Materials:  ABS plastic and Jelly
  • Size:  8.5″ total length; 3.5″ deep; 2″ inner diameter; 1.75″ handle diameter; 3″ max diameter
  • Price:  $59.95
  • Pros:  Multiple speeds and settings; Tougher than expected;  Good internal texture; Not too bad to clean; Comes with suction cup
  • Cons:  Packaging isn’t impressive; Jelly material; Vibration isn’t that strong; Not deep enough for reviewer’s liking; Suction cup doesn’t add much, especially when it’s not long enough to thrust into
  • Intensity: 3/5
  • Volume: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

Apollo Power Stroker

The package

Again, CEN packaging does not excite.  It’s a pretty standard box for them.  There’s an image of the toy on the front of the box with the name of the toy.  One side has a list of features in five different languages, the other wide has more images of the toy pointing out some of the features.  The back is similar to the one side, with some images pointing out certain features.  The main difference that I noticed with this package is the coloration.  Since it is a male toy, it has a dark blue color scheme.  I suppose the darker color scheme is supposed to appear more manly.  The product also comes with a long customer information sheet, which has 9 different languages on it.  This sheet says to refer to the information on the package (which only has 5 languages).  However, the instructions are not focused on this toy.  It talks about making sure to clean the toy before using it vaginally.  It also says to let the sex toy “cool off” before putting it away.  I’ve never seen that before, and also haven’t found this particular product to “heat up” during use…

The stroker itself is a little odd.  It has a hard plastic body that measures about 8.5″ in total length.  It is shaped a bit like a bowling pin with a diameter of 1.75″ at the smallest part and 3″ at the largest.  The narrow part of the handle also has some ridges that can be used as a grip.  The plastic itself is a matte feel, but it is not a velvet coat.  The large end has an opening with a jelly insert.  It has ridges through the length and is about 3.5″ deep.  Inside there is a hard plate that I suppose is supposed to act like the roof of the mouth.  It is likely also where the motor for the vibration portion is housed.  The unit also comes with two different end caps.  One is a regular screw on cap while the other has an adjustable suction cup.  The suction cup allows the unit to be stuck to a wall or surface and has a button that allows it to rotate through 180 degrees of positioning.  The suction cup seems to work fairly well.

A few notes on cleaning, this toy is mostly jelly so I would not recommend sharing it between partners.  The inside part cannot be removed either, so it will take some rinsing and setting it up to dry as well.  The vibration unit is self-contained, so you don’t have to worry about water getting in through that part.  However, I would not submerge the unit to clean it.  There are several screw holes and there is no o-ring with the end cap.  That being said, my friend that used it did not have any major issues with cleaning.

Full view of the Apollo Power Stroker

The view of the full power stroker

As far as the vibrations, they are a medium buzzy.  Since I do not have a penis, I will save how the vibrations feels to my co-reviewer.  However, the stoker unit does take 4 AA batteries that are inserted into a battery pack.  There are two buttons on the unit.  One is a dedicated on and off button while the other cycles through the patterns.  The box states that there are 30 functions, but I got tired of counting after a few.

Now on to the use from my friend:  I’ve got some experience with different kinds of male toys, and in previous reviews, I’ve definitely made it clear where I think a lot of the toys come up short. This one pleasantly surprised me in some ways, and yet didn’t avoid the pitfalls common in so many other male toys.  We’ll start off with some of the things it does well:

  • Build Quality – It’s definitely built tougher than I would have expected. Though made out of plastic, the outside case feels firm and is well-made. Definitely doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. There’s also some very nice finger grooves on the handle to grip.
  • Cleaning – Though the sleeve isn’t removable, it’s easy enough to soap up and rinse out the inside.
  • Texture – The inner sleeve has a great texture. It’s similar to the “wavy” patterns on fleshlights, which stimulates much nicer than the more common “bumpy” sleeves or a smooth one. However, the material they used isn’t very good  (more on that later) .

And then some of the things it doesn’t:

  • Size – As I mentioned earlier, this thing is pretty short. Overall insertable length is 4”, but the opening gets really narrow about  ¾” in. You’re not going to be able to insert yourself as deep as you’d like, and because the vibrations are coming from the rear, you’re not going to feel much unless you really push into it fairly hard
  • Material – The sleeve has a great texture, but it’s very firm. If you’re looking for something like cyberskin or anything that feels somewhat soft, supply, and y’know, fleshy… then this isn’t for you
  • Vibration – Just isn’t that strong. Sure it’s limited to battery power, but with the length so limited, it would be nice to make up for that with stronger vibrations.
Inside of the power stroker

The inside of the stroker

Other items of note:

  • Multiple vibration settings – By pressing one of the buttons on the outside, you can cycle through a number of different vibration modes. There’s everything from a light, constant vibration, to a much harder (though still not mind-blowing) vibration, and all sorts of pulsing patterns. It’s nice to have, but I generally found that one constant stronger vibration felt nicer
  • Suction cup base – It comes with a suction cup base to attach the toy to. It’s a nice idea, but the suction cup doesn’t stay firmly attached to even a very smooth desk, and without the ability to thrust into it, there wasn’t much benefit to having something other than a hand hold it.

Strangely, this isn’t a stroker in the traditional sense. There’s a textured inner sleeve that gets dramatically more narrow about 2 ¾” in, presumably to provide more focused stimulation. The overall depth of the sleeve is only 4”, which means you’re not going to be able to move the toy a lot or get very deep. Additionally, the vibrations seem mostly to be coming from the back of the sleeve, so you need to be pretty far in there to get anything,  To use, you can’t really thrust into it as the opening isn’t deep and narrows dramatically before the end. Where this excels, though, is that the small, tight area at the back has the most intense vibrations. So you won’t be stroking it back and forth, but more rubbing the toy against you while pressing yourself into it. It’s… different from the competition and definitely takes some getting used to, but it’s rather nice when you do.

Overall, the Apollo Power Stroker vibrates and it feels good. The material is passable but could be a lot better. In spite of the shortcomings, I definitely enjoyed it and probably would buy it again. Would definitely recommend it to someone else.  You can check it out over at Adam and Eve here.

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*This review was sponsored by California Exotic Novelties, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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