Review: Bettie Page Tana 5″ Pumps

So I’ve reviewed toys of all kinds, lingerie, movies, and just about everything I can think about except shoes.  You gotta have some sexy shoes to go with all that lingerie!  So to cure my lack of sexy shoe reviews, SheVibe sent me the Bettie Page Tana 5″ Pumps in red.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Lingerie etc
  • Manufacturer:  Shoes by Ellie
  • Size:  5 – 10
  • Price:  $47.99
  • Pros:  Discreet package; Gorgeous;  Multiple colors; Fairly wide range of sizes; Comfortable as far as heels go
  • Cons:  Extra seam that seems unnecessary; Few creases in the leather on one heel; No half sizes; Difficult to walk in without practice
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

bettie page tana 5" pump

The box

There isn’t much to say about the packaging.  Most of us have bought a pair of shoes before, and the box these come in is not really any different.  It’s an almost square box and the bottom portion is leopard print while the top is green with strips.  It lists the style, color, and size on the sides of the box and has the Bettie Page Shoes by Ellie logo on the top and a few sides.  Since it’s just a shoe box, it’s discreet.  But unless you need to hide your new shoes from your partner (either surprise or doesn’t know you bought another pair of shoes), you probably won’t be worried about the box.  No one will ever suspect you’ll use these shoes to turn into a sexy Domme in the bedroom!

The heels themselves have a 1.5″ concealed platform with a 5″ heel.  I’m only 5’4″ so these babies give me nearly 5″ in height when I put them on.  Being tall feels very nice.  Most of the shoe is covered with a scrunched/rippled satiny fabric.  I got the red, so the base color is red with black leopard type spots all over.  If red isn’t your thing, they also come in white and fuschia.  The only complaint I have about the overall look is on the inside there is an obvious seam from where the material is attached.  There are also seams in the material on the toe and heel, so it seems a little silly to have one on the side too.  It’s on the inside so it’s not as noticable, but I wish there were a way to avoid it.

bettie page tana 5" pump

Showing the side and inside

The back portion of the heel is covered with what feels like a synthetic leather.   On the one shoe it’s flawless but there are a few minor creases in the leather on the other.  I’ve also pulled and tugged on the heel and it seems very study, so I wouldn’t worry about breaking the heel off while wearing them.  The sole is actually animal print/spotted and there is a small grip on the ball of the foot portion.  These are still fairly slick if you walk on carpet though, so be careful until you get used to the feel.  The very toe of the shoe is rounded up which seems to be common in most heels and platforms (I’m a bit of a shoe noob, please forget me!).

Inside the shoe, you can see a hard red sole covered with a soft black material.  Around the edge between the black and red there is a bit of metallic red material.  I can’t even feel it when I’m wearing them, so it’s just to make the inside pretty too.  As far as the fit, it fits very well and they’re comfortable, as far as 5″ heels go.  They don’t pinch my toes or dig into my ankle or do anything else really annoying.  I do wish they made half sizes because I feel that a 9.5 would be a perfect fit and the 10 slides just a tiny bit.  However, this can be easily fixed with an add-in or socks/stockings/etc.   I  have very wide feet too, so if finding shoes that fit you’re wide feet has been a problem I think these should work for you

bettie page tana 5" pump

Feetsies (see no toe cleavage!)

I do really like that it doesn’t show toe cleavage.  I don’t know why but I cannot stand toe cleavage, it really weirds me out.  I hope I’m not the only that thinks that.  I did get to wear these out, to the Rocky Horror show for Halloween actually.  They did hurt my feet a bit, but I very very rarely wear heels or anything other than my worn out sneakers.  I think if I can become more accustomed to them, it will not be as bad.  Walking is also a little difficult for me, but that’s mostly from a lack of practice.  I try to wear them around my room sometime, especially when I do laundry, just to get used to them.

Overall, I really love the Bettie Page Tana 5″ Pumps.  They’re difficult for me to walk in still, but I’m praticing.  I do really want to wear these out somewhere with friends to see if “fuck me pumps” actually work.  SheVibe carries a lot of other shoes from Bettie Page shoes so you should go check them out.  I think they’re sexy, comfortable, and fairly inexpensive as far as shoes go.  Plus you know SheVibe will have the lowest price around.

*This review was sponsored by SheVibe, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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