Review: Body & Soul Remote I

California Exotic Novelties is always coming out with new products.  Their latest line, Body & Soul, doesn’t seem like anything special, but the Body & Soul Remote I stood out to me.  It was a pretty blue and had a digital remote, so I was curious if it would be better than some of the other remotes they’ve put out.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie, Remote Controlled
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Includes:  Remote, Bullet, 23A battery (12 V), and two LR1 size N batteries (1.5 V)
  • Materials:  ABS Plastic
  • Size:  Remote – 3.5″ long, 1.5″ wide, 0.5″ thick; Bullet – 2.25″ long, 1.25″ diameter; Retrieval cord – 5.25″ long
  • Price:  $62.99
  • Pros:  Such a pretty blue; Controller is easy to use; Batteries come with the toy; Digital controller; Multiple patterns; Very quiet; Great range
  • Cons:  Batteries die quickly; A tad expensive; A bit buzzy; Uses odd size batteries
  • Intensity: 2.5/5
  • Volume: 2/5
  • Overall Rating: 4.25/5
  • Recommended: Yes

body & soul remote I

The package

The Body & Soul Remote I comes in a fairly typical Cal Exotic. I do like their newer packaging because it seems sturdier. The Remote I has an almost actual size picture of the bullet and remote on the front. It has the product name on the front and sides and it also says “Life, Love and Lust… Set Aside Time to Embrace Your Body & Soul” on one side. The back lists some stats about the product in fie different languages.

I was a bit shocked when I pulled the toy out of the package.  It showed up blue on the website, but the intensity of the blue is hard to show in a picture.  The bullet and remote are both a very deep, shimmer, blue.  It’s so pretty, I really love the color.  The material is a velvet touch plastic and it’s very soft and silky to the touch.  The remote is around 3.5″ long, 1.5″ wide and 0.5″ at the thickest.  The bullet is about 2.25″ long and 1.25″ in diameter, which seems fairly common.  It also has a fairly long retrieval cord/antenna at 5.25″ long.  I’m not sure if it is an antenna or just a retrieval cord, but I would suggest not tugging on it too hard.  If you really want to be safe, put it in a condom to make it easier to remove if used vaginally.  I wouldn’t recommend using it anally.  It’s safe to use water and silicone based lubes with it.  It also seems to be fairly water proof.

body & soul remote I

The remote and bullet

The controller requires one 23A sized battery while the bullet itself takes two LR1 size N batteries.  They are all included, which is awesome.  However, you must take the batteries out of the bullet when you are done with it.  If you do not, they will be drained within a day or two, I found this out the hard way.  The bullet does not have a dedicated on/off switch, so it is constantly on waiting for a signal.   The vibration is fairly typical for something that runs off these types of batteries.  It’s not overly strong and it’s more on the buzzy side.  They’re mildly enjoyable to me, though I prefer something deeper.  However, it’s fairly quiet.  Most remote bullets I’ve come across are rather loud, however, this one isn’t really at all.  I think if you inserted it, you probably could not hear it at all, especially in a public place with slight noise.  If you are using it externally though, you’ll have to be careful about where you use it, since it will be louder and could make noise against a chair or seat.  I personally do not enjoy vibrations inside often, at least vibrations alone.

I really like the remote.  It has a switch on the site to turn it on or off.  If it’s not switched on, the buttons on the control pad do nothing.  Once you switch it on, you can then push the power button to light up the display and it shows “00”.  Pushing either the + or – button to cycle through the 10 functions.  Each function shows a different array of hearts on the digital screen and and the corresponding number.  Hitting the power button or turning the switch off at any time will automatically turn the toy off.  I like that the power switch allows you to not accidentally turn the toy on, which is a good feature if you are out in public.

Overall, I think the Body & Soul Remote I is a great remote bullet.  It’s much quieter than other remote controlled toys I’ve tried.  It’s not the strongest bullet, but it has decent power for the batteries.  Plus it’s such a beautiful blue.  While it is a bit expensive, I think it’s probably a good buy, especially if you’re looking for something for discreet play in public.  If you like this, but want internal and external vibrations, they also have the Body & Soul Remote II which has a large and small bullet that are connected, I’m guessing they work together, I think it’s a really neat idea.  Plus it’s the same awesome blue.

banner for the califnora exotic novelties sexpert program

*This review was sponsored by California Exotic Novelties, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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