Review: Bubbles Vibe

Today I have the pleasure to cover one of Babeland’s Pink October toys, The Bubbles Vibe!  

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: In-ie and an Out-ie
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 5 1/2″ long, 4″ insert-able, 1 1/2″ wide
  • Batteries: Rechargeable (magnetic induction charger)
  • Price: $74.00
  • Recommended Use: G-spot or clitoral stimulation
  • Pros: Attractive packaging;  Nice instruction booklets with multiple languages; Sample pack of lube; 100% silicone and non-porous; 100% waterproof; Easy to clean; Wide range of speeds and 3 patterns; Easy to push built in buttons
  • Cons: Cannot be boiled; Not a good beginner insertion toy;  Little loud on high; Makes my hand go numb;  Not for anal play; Charger could be longer
  • Intensity: 3.5/5
  • Volume: 3/5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The boxes for the toy (left) and the charger (right)

This was my first Fun Factory toy and my first rechargeable toy so I was extremely excited to receive this toy to review.   When it arrived I could hardly wait to get it out of the packaging, but I did mangage to get a few pics before I tossed the box aside.  It actually came as two boxes.  One for the toy itself, and another for the charger.  The FUN Magnetic Plug is the charger and was in small and slightly  non-discrete, but there is nothing obscene on the packaging.   The charger also came with a instruction booklet that has instructions in six different languages.

I love the box that the toy came in though.  It’s fairly discrete and has a small window on the front where you can see the toy.  It also has a magnetic clasp and you can open up a panel to see a diagram of the toy with numbered features:

Inside panel of the box

1 appealing design
2 absolutely waterproof
3 100% silicone
4 three vibration programs
5 touch buttons for highly convenient operation
6 long-lasting electronics
8 steplessly adjutable vibation intensity
9 rechargeable with the ONE for ALL-magnetic plug

Other than the toy, there were two pamphlets and a sample back of Fun Factory’s Toy Fluid, which was nice.  I was a little disappointed that the charger would not fit in the box with the insert in, but it will if you remove the insert.  So the box does make a great storage place for Bubbles vibe and it’s charger.


Bubbles from the side

Now… onto the toy!  That’s the best part!  As it was pointed out in the list of features of the product, this toy is 100% silicone, which means it is non-porous, with a hard plastic end base. It is also 100% water-proof, which means you can go head and take it for a dive in your tub or pool.  All of the electronics are completely enclosed inside.    However, I would not suggest boiling this toy to sterilize it.  If you would like to sterilize it, use a bleach solution on it, but because it contains electronics you should not boil it.  Otherwise cleaning is simple and easy, wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner.

The Bubbles Vibe From the Front

You may have noticed that the shave of the Bubbles vibe is well… interesting.  It consists of essentially four bubbles stacked on top of each other.  The toy is a total of 5 1/2″ in length with 4″ being insert-able.  That puts each bubble to roughly an inch.  It’s also about 1 1/2″ wide, so this is a rather girthy toy, so it may not be the best beginner toy.  The shape, however, is intended to be able to hit the g-spot.  I have not had much luck with my g-spot, I can find it and it feels good, but that’s where it ends.  I would say that this would be great for someone who knows where their g-spot is and how to work it.  The silicone that the bubbles are made of is a very soft and plushy silicone, there is a good bit of give to the material, but except for the first bubble, the overall toy does not bend much.  Also, because it is such a plushy feel, it greats a lot of drag on the skin, so you will need to use a good water-based lube with this toy, especially because of the girth.

Now, as you can see on the picture above, there are two buttons built into the silicone, a (+) and a (-).  These control the toy.  To turn it on hold the (+) for two seconds and it will start on it’s lowest setting, which is a very slight low rumble and extremely quiet. From there, you can click the (+) to go up through 8 more levels of steady vibration.  You can also just hold the button and it will shoot up through the speeds.  The top speed does make my hand go numb pretty quickly, which I haven’t noticed with other vibes I like. Once you’ve reached the top speed, which is fairly strong, you can click and hold the (+) to enter the patterns.  There are three patterns, a slow escalating, a fast escalating, and a fast high pulse (my personal favorite). Clicking the (-) any time once you’ve entered the pattern zone will take you back to steady vibration.  Clicking and holding also takes you down to the lowest setting, and another click turns it off.  The highs vibration is a little loud, but it will be greatly muffled by your body when you use it, so that’s not a concern.

As far as what to do with this toy, I use it mostly for clitoral stimulation.  I love the smooth round surface of the bubbles.  It is a great toy for g-spot stimulation though, I just don’t have much luck with any g-spot play currently (I’m learning and working on it though!).  I wouldn’t recommend this toy for anal use, even though it can be sterilized with bleach, just because it does not have a flared base on it.  If it got lost inside you, I think it would bring a whole new meaning to the term “bubble butt”.

The charger on the top (with the light on)

Now… I mentioned early that this is a rechargeable toy, but there are no ports to plug a charger into, WTF man!  Well, that’s the awesome part of this toy, the part that my geekiness was uber excited about.  The Bubbles vibe is a part of the click and charge line from Fun Factory, which means they charge via induction from a magnetic charger.  The charger looks pretty standard, a cell-phone charger like base (standard american plug) and it has a red LED on it and says “love yourself”.  If you left this laying out, I highly doubt anyone would have the slightest clue what it was for.  The charger is about 4 1/4 feet long, which I could stand for it to be a little longer.


The charger

I found the charger very easy to use.  Simple sick the charger to where it says “FUN” on the base of the vibe, and ta-dah, on comes the little red LED in the circular charger end.  One thing to note is that you want to make sure the lettering on the charger and the toy are in the same direction, or it will not stick properly.  Also try to leave it on a level surface where it will be undisturbed while it charges to prevent the induction connection from breaking.  Now, I did come across a discrepancy with the charger though.  The booklet for the charger states that the red LED will turn off when the toy is completely charged.  However, the booklet for the toy itself says that the red light will pulse while it is charging and once it is fully charged it will become steady.  The light on my plug stays solid when it is plugged in, so I believe that the instructions with the charger are most correct.  It does state though that the toy should last for a full 90 minutes on a single charge, though I have not tested this out yet.  I have used it many times and not needed to charge it again.

So overall, I really love this toy.  It’s quickly becoming one of my go-to’s and I play to use it more to attempt to figure out g-spot play.  I do enjoy the width of this toy, but I know it will be too much for some women.  I found it very easy to use and to charge, and it’s a great quality toy.  I am very thrilled with it being my first Fun Factory toy and I do hope to cover more in the future.  I definitely want to send a been Thank You out to Babeland for sending me the wonderful little Bubbles Vibe!

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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