Review: The C-Spot

I wanted to start by thanking the wonderful people from Good Vibrations for sending me my first toy to review!  The sex toy I received from Good Vibrations is The C-Spot.

The Run Down:

  • Manufacturer: Good Vibrations
  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 6 3/4″ and 1″ wide
  • Price: $22.00
  • Recommended Use: Use the broad head to stimulate your clit (that’s why it’s called the c-spot!)
  • Pros: Purple; Slim vibe; Velvety feel; Battery holder; Waterproof; Dial control; Very strong vibration (if you like it)
  • Cons: Head is a bit too wide and not at the perfect angle for me; Very awkward and uncomfortable for insertion; Very strong vibration (if you don’t like it); Very loud and buzzy
  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Volume: 5/5
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: No

So I’ll start with the packaging.  It was shipped in a small discreet (plain brown) box.  When I opened it it was fully of packing peanuts and the toy itself was packaged as above.  Nothing fancy really, but there’s no overly sexual displays on it either.

The C-Spot in my hand

Here it is out of the packaging.  It’s a long slim vibe mainly for clitoral stimulation.  The one thing, okay two things, that I really like about this vibe is the color (I LOOOOVE purple) and the feel.  The website says that it’s a metallic hard plastic, but the one that I received is not metallic.  It is a hard plastic, but the feel of the shaft and head is velvety soft.  It’s hard to think of plastic being velvety, but it is.  So it’s most likely coated with something.  It is also listed as being Phthalates-Free.

The head of the C-Spot

The toy is 7 1/2″ from the dial to the tip of the head and the shaft is 3/4″ in diameter.  The head itself is a little over 1″ in diameter and is angled to fit against your clit.  It also may be hard to tell from the picture above, but it’s also slightly concave to cup your clit.  The only problem I had here was that it was a little too wide to fit comfortably between my outer labia, so I tended to use an edge or the back side of the head, which is a good way to get different types of vibrations.  Also, the angle just wasn’t quite right for me.

The C-Spot is intended to be used as a clitoral stimulator and it is slim enough to fit between bodies during sex, though I did not get the opportunity to try that, I still think it would work well.  The Good Vibe’s page on the product also says it can provide an extended reach for anyone with a disability, which I could see that being a good benefit to the toy as well.  It also mentioned that it’d be great for G-spot stimulation, so I thought I’d try it.  This is where I got stuck…  I played with it on my clit for a bit and warmed up, and then got some extra lube and went for insertion.  Insertion with the angle of the head was just awkward and uncomfortable.  It took ages to get it in and then it just felt weird.  So yeah, I don’t recommend this for internal stimulation.  And if you were going to insert it, it has an insert-able length of about 6 3/4″.  I also don’t recommend it for anal, since it is a hard plastic and I doubt it can be sterilized and I think insertion would be even harder.  There is also a silver ring closer to the head, this could also cause problems with insertion since it isn’t a very smooth ring.

Batteries and end cap

Another plus to this toy is that it is waterproof since it has the nice rubber o-ring where the dial cap comes off.  It also only takes 2 AAA batteries and comes with a nifty little sleeve that the batteries can snap into.  This lets you keep your batteries for it together when you remove them from your toy to store (which you do, right? RIGHT? Do it, you’re toys and batteries will live longer).  Other than that, it has a dial base, which gives a wide range of vibrations.  However, the only problem is that my dial turns for almost a quarter turn before the vibrations actually start.  Oh, and with the silver ring as I mentioned before, it can cause a bit of problems with the cleaning.  It has a small gap on either side, and wiping it doesn’t clean it out.  Otherwise, cleaning is simple, was it with warm soap and water or a toy cleaner.

So… nothing has been too bad so far about this toy?  Okay, where here’s the bad part.  It’s kind of good, just not for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I cannot handle very strong vibrations, my clit is just too sensitive for it and it’s almost painful.  The C-Spot is a VERY strong vibrator, especially on the highest setting.  Even the low setting is almost too strong for me.  It’s probably what I would finish with on some of my other toys.  So if you need extremely strong vibrations to get you off, it’d probably do the job.  However, the usual downside with strong vibrations is the noise.  The toy isn’t *too* bad on the low setting, but on high, it’s very very loud.  On low though, I do feel awkward using it, seeing as I do have roommates and I’m not sure how thin the walls are.  The vibrations of this toy are also what I’d consider high-pitched or buzzy.  They’re not very deep and it seems to only buzz the surface of the toy.  So yeah, the toy can get me off, but I’d much prefer one of my favorites.

Overall it’s not a horrible vibrator, but I still don’t think I would recommend it to anyone, unless you need a very strong vibe and don’t mind the noise.  I myself feel very self-conscious when using a loud toy and it just kinda kills the mood for me.  However, if you are using it between bodies during sex, it will probably be greatly muffled.  It’s also a little pricey, I know $22 isn’t that much, but for as loud as it was, it just seems like too much.  Again, I wanted to thank the awesome people at Good Vibes for sending me this toy to review!

*This review was sponsored by Good Vibrations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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