Review: Chocolate Body Paint

Everyone loves chocolate right?  Well most everyone does at least.  I enjoy chocolate, though I won’t say I’m a chocoholic or anything, but I requested the Chocolate Body Paint from the awesome sex toy store, MyPleasure.  It could be a lot of fun!

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Body Topping
  • Manufacturer: Lover’s Choice Inc.
  • Ingredients: Glucose-fructose, glucose, water, cocoa powder, caramel, salt, natural and simulated flavours, potassium sorbate
  • Price: $5.95
  • Recommended Use: Drizzle over the desired area of your partner and use your fingers to paint then enjoy licking your creation off your partner’s skin
  • Pros: Comes beautifully packaged; Small relatively discreet tubes; Easy to open flip top cap;
  • Cons: Must be refrigerated after opening; Has a best buy date; Not diabetic or vagina friendly; Hard to make shapes with it; Hard to lick it all up and requires clean up afterwards
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: No

Body Paint Packaging

Like the Tybo Callisto I reviewed for MyPleasure, the Body Paint also came beautifully packaged in clear wrap and tied with a ribbon which I think is awesome. There is no other packaging with the Body Paint and the box it was shipped in was a plain brown box.

Body Paint Tube

The Body Paint comes in a small 1 ounce tube, but you get three tubes.  The tubes are relatively discreet, a plain white tube that says Cocoalicious Chocolate Body Paint on the front and in small print on the back “Drip and drizzle wherever desired then kiss, lick, and nibble to remove!”.  There were two white stickers covering up some of the lettering on the tubes, but those were not put on by MyPleasure, so I am not sure of their purpose.

The tube offers a flip top cap that’s easy to open.  Each tube is hermetically sealed and they do say that after it has been opened to keep it in the fridge.  Also, each tube has a “best buy” date on them, so be aware of that.  Having to keep it in the fridge is a downside for me, especially if you have roommates.  Though the tubes are somewhat discreet, it could still lead to an awkward conversation.  I luckily have my own minifridge in my room, so I don’t have a problem keeping them.

Showing the paint itself

The description on MyPleasure says that this Body Paint will have less mess, because there are no brushes or lids.  However, the ‘paint’ itself is basically a thick chocolate syrup consistency.  When it is slightly warm, it squeezes out of the tube fairly easy, but when it is cold from being refrigerated it has a much thicker, fudgy consistency.   To both me and Adonis, the Chocolate Body Paint tastes like chocolate syrup you’d by at the grocery store.  It does taste good though, but nothing special.  The ingredients are also consistent with chocolate syrup.  It is fully edible but because of the glucose and sugar in the product, I would avoid using it around or in your vagina.  The sugar also means this is not a diabetic-friendly product.  I also want to remind you that this product is not free of calories.  It does not state how many calories are in a bottle, but I would guess it’s similar to Hershey’s Syrup which is 100 calories for 2 tablespoons(source).

The Paint in Use

In use, the Body Paint works okay.  Your body heat does warm it up very quickly and it does become a bit runny.  It can be difficult to make any typ e of shape, my heart on Adonis’ stomach quickly turned into an amorphous blog.  We also found that it is pretty impossible to lick it all off and it does leave you a little sticky, though this could lead to more fun cleaning up in the shower.

Overall, I can’t say that I am overly impressed with the Chocolate Body Paint.  It seems like basic chocolate syrup and there’s nothing really special to it.  It does taste good though and right now you get a free tube with every purchase at MyPleasure!

*This review was sponsored by MyPleasure, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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