Review: Clitoral Pump

Clit pumps have always been something that intrigued me, so I was thrilled with TheAdultToyShoppe agreed to send me the Clitoral Pump, a vibrating clit pump,to review.  Now I do have another pump, but I didn’t really like it much, but that’s for another review.


The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Out-ie
  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelities
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber, and Silicone
  • Batteries: Two AAA
  • Price: $25.99
  • Recommended Use: Nipple or clit stimulation
  • Pros: Box can be used to store the pump; Quick release; Easy to create a seal; Two interchangeable silicone sleeves; Sponge to protect motor (plus extra!); Detailed instruction pamphlet; Great first pump
  • Cons: Low limit on suction capabilities; Tubing is a tad short; A little loud; Vibration was always on if batteries in; Complex cleaning
  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Volume: 3.25/5
  • Overall Rating: 3.75/5


The Pump Box

The one thing to note before I got the toy of of the box is the box is not particularlly discreet. There is no nudity on it though, but it does show a nice looking woman barely covered by a man’s shirt and tie.  It also shows the product.  Now I have no idea why a woman with a tie was the perfect thing to put on this box, but oh well.  It’s not a horrible package, and it’s decent for storing the pump.

So I’ll start with what you would use this pump for.  I’m sure most all of us has fooled around with a plastic cup suctioning it to your face. When you pull it off you usually have a big red ring around your mouth.  When you apply suction to an area, it increases the blood flow, hence the redness.  So the one appeal to any toy that sucks (literally) will increase blood flow to the area and thus sensitivity and size.  The instruction pamphlet that came with the pump says:  “Blood flow is a critical part of sexual arousal in females.  The Clitoral Pump was designed to increase the blood flow for more intense genital sensations.”  Plus with all the porn I’ve watched, I’ve seen women who have pumped up their clit or whole pussy and it’s very arousing for me and something I’ve wanted to play with on occasion.

Pump bulb with quick release

Now where to start on the toy itself, there’s so many important features to talk about with pumps in general.  First you want to make sure the pump has a quick release valve.  If you apply suction to something as sensitive as your clit, you want to be able to release it at a push of a button so you don’t hurt yourself.  The Clitoral Pump offers a cute heart shaped button near the pump bulb, which has little hears on it as well.

The second thing I’m concerned with in a pump is does it actually create a good suction and how easy is it to vary the suction.  The bulb is very easy to squeeze and you can give it another pump or two after a full pump to increase suction.   however after that you can’t gain any more suction, which I feel is a low limit.


The pump suctioned to my thigh

However, the pump does apply a good amount of suction and does stick very well.  As you can see it sticks to my leg and supports itself on just one pump, so it is very easy to create a seal with this pump.  I had no problem getting it to stick to my palm, my thigh, or my clit.  I do enjoy the feeling of the suction and it is a very stable suction so you can leave it on for a while, that will increase blood flow and size even more.  But the second you start to feel uncomfortable please hit the quick release.  This is a toy that you can hurt yourself with so you do need to be careful.  I would also recommend not doing a full pump of the bulb the first time you use it either, just do a light squeeze and build up from there to see what you like.


Silicone sleeves

The other nice thing about this pump that the other pump I own did not have, is it has two interchangeable silicone sleeves to cover the head.  The first head has no ticklers, it is simply a concave silicone cover to go over the hard plastic of the head of the pump.  There is one ‘node’ but it’s more a rounded projection on the bottom of the sleeve.  I didn’t feel it at all when I used it.  The second sleeve has 10 long nubby ticklers in the middle. Since this is a vibrating pump, the ticklers flap around on your clit. There is a small hole in the bottom of each sleeve to allow the suction to pass through.  The box also says these sleeves are silicone, but I feel they are more likely a silicone mix as they are stretchy and smell more like an elastomer. Either way I would stick to a water-based lube only, just to be safe.  I would recommend using a bit of lube with this, just as it will help you create a better seal.  You can also sterilize the sleeves, because they are silicone.The sleeves can be a little tricky to get onto the pump, but once you figure it out the first time, it’s pretty simple. I haven’t had any trouble switching the sleeves out.


The handle and head of the pump

The head of the pump is oval shaped and measures about 2″ in the longest direction and about 1 1/2″ in the short direction.  This is more than big enough to fit just about any size clit or nipples I think.  I did have a little bit of a problem fitting it between my labia, but it was not uncomfortable.  The overall length of the handle and head of the pump is about 6″.  I have very large hands for a woman and I did not have any problem holding on to the pump.  You also get 15″ of flexible tubing from the pump handle to the pump bulb, so it is a little short, but it’s not so short that it’s hard to manage.


The sponge protecting the motor

Now, I’ve barely mentioned that this pump also vibrates.  The motor is right above the head, so that means the air must travel through the motor to be sucked out from around your clit.  The other pump I have, it got very messy because lube and juices got up in the motor.  This pump is great though because they thought to include a small piece of sponge to prevent that from happening.  It also comes with a spare piece so you can replace it when you need to.

I actually found the motor on this toy to be quiet strong, for me at least.  It’s not the strongest thing I’ve ever felt, but it is a bit to strong for me.  The ticklers did feel pretty good against my nipples though. With the strength there is noise though.  However, I don’t think it’s so loud that with it between your legs it could be heard through a closed door.


The battery cavity

The biggest gripe I have about this pump is how you turn on the vibrations. The base of the handle twists off and you can insert your two AA batteries. There is a rubber o-ring but please don’t submerge this toy, you could suck up a lot of water and ruin the motor.  On the end cap, it does say On <–> Off but I found that as soon as I pushed the cap down enough to create a seal, the vibrations would start, which I did not want, I wanted to be able to turn them on later.  This may be a slight flaw in my toy, however.

The other thing I loved about this product was it came with a detail instruction pamphlet that includes how to assemble your toy, cleaning steps, and battery instructions.  Cleaning for the pump is a little more complex than most of the toys I’ve reviewed so far.  To clean you need to remove the sleeve and sponge.  Wash the sponge and sleeve with soap and water or toy clean and make sure the sponge is completely dry before putting it back in the toy.  It says for the cylinder (the pump itself) to immerse the head of the pump in a bucket of soapy water.  However, you can carefully wipe down toy with a cloth, just be sure to not let any liquid get into the motor compartment.

Overall, I feel the Clitoral Pump is a good introduction to clitoral pumps.  I defiantly play to play around with this more and see if I can get a noticeable size difference out of my clit.  I also love this on my nipples.  You can create a steady strong suction or a light pulsing suction and you can add vibration to it if you like.  It’s definitely a different type of sensation that other adult toys and I think it’s something everyone should try a little at least.  The Clitoral Pump from The Adult Toy Shoppe is pretty inexpensive as well, so I suggest you check it out!

*This review was sponsored by TheAdultToyShoppe, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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