Review: Corset Style Fishnet Pantyhose

I promise I’ll get back to reviewing sex toys soon, but I have another piece of sexy lingerie to review for you today.  This piece caught my eye as soon as I saw it listed on MyPleasure and they were kind enough send me the super sexy looking Corset Back Lac Up Fishnet Pantyhose.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Lingerie
  • Manufacturer: Baci
  • Includes: Panty hose & two ribbons
  • Materials: 100% Nylon
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Price: $19.95
  • Pros: Very sexy looking; Comfortable material; Fairly adjustable (if you can add your own ribbon)
  • Cons: Non-discreet packaging; Can’t use package for storage; No plus size (designed for smaller women); Bow fell off – not high quality; Ribbon was not long enough for larger thighs
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: Yes if you’re very thin or have tons of patience

baci corset style lace up panty hose

The package

The package for the Corset Pantyhose was very similar to that of the Open Back Crotchless panties I reviewed.  In fact the only real difference is the image.  The panty hose come in a thin cardboard envelope/box.  The front of the package shows the pantyhose on a model from the back and the back of the package shows the front view.  It’s a very elegant picture, but the woman is so thin it is a little unappealing to me.  These are listed as one size fits most and the model is definitely not ‘most’.  Other than that I’d say just toss the package.  Once you pull out the pantyhose and unfold them, it’s pretty impossible to get them back into it.

baci corset style lace up pantyhose

A view laying down (pink -original, purple - added)

The pantyhose themselves are 100% nylon and the fishnet material is very soft against the skin.  I found them to be very comfortable and sexy feeling against my legs.  The ribbon that the set comes with is a hot pink satin ribbon which is also comfortable on your skin.  The material also has quite a lot of stretch to it and it had no problems accommodating my legs.  The part that worried me was the waist band.  The elastic band at the top is only 9.5″ (folded) in length when unstretched.  How can something 9.5″ stretch to fit my 40″ waist?  Well very carefully first of all.  Also, anyone bigger than a 40″ waist probably will find this uncomfortable and notice it starting to dig in.  Each ribbon that comes with the set is 10 feet long.  For smaller women, this should be plenty of ribbon to lace the backs of the pantyhose up.  However, for me they only reached the very bottom of my butt at a maximum.  I bought another roll of ribbon to try and determined about 15-16 feet of ribbon was needed to lace the pantyhose all the way up.  At the widest part my thighs measure 29″ in circumference and my calf is 18″, so you could probably adjust up or down from that.  As far as taking care of these, the package says to hand wash in cold water and line dry.

baci corset style fishnett stockins

Another view

Aside from the material and all, I started to loathe these sexy pantyhose from the minute I opened them.  I had assumed, they would come pre-laced, but I was wrong.  Lacing these pantyhose will require the help of a partner or friend.  I tried lacing them then putting them on and it just wouldn’t work correctly.  Perhaps a smaller person would have more luck with that method, but there just was not enough stretch and slack to put them on laced up.  I had my friend lace up these suckers while I laid down and we think that’s probably the best method.  It’s a very tedious and time consuming process and I’m not sure if the amount of time in them is worth it for me.  If you were planning on wearing these out to a sexy event, I suppose it would be, but for just dressing up in lingerie in the bedroom these just take way too much time.  The second thing that bothered me about these is within minutes of pulling the hose out of the package, one of the bows fell off.  I thought they would be stitched on but they were just glued on.  I was planning on taking the bows off anyways just because I don’t like bows, but the fact that it fell off on its own with no rough treatment makes me feel like these are not high quality.  Also once we got them all laced up, we realized they weren’t made evenly and the splits to lace up were not even on both legs.

Overall, the Corset Style Lace Up Fishnet Panty hose look very sexy, but are only really practical for long wear and not bedroom lingerie play, especially since they are not crotchless.  They do stretch a lot and I can make them fit me, but not without modification (the addition of longer ribbon).  I really think Baci should make some plus sized version of their lingerie because what they make seems to be designed for women the size of the model on the package.  I would love fishnets of this same material but without the lacing because I do like the material of the pantyhose.  I was just really excited to get such a sexy looking piece but was very disappointed in how it actually performed.

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*This review was sponsored by MyPleasure, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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