Review: Dona Body Mist Lotion

Today I’m going to review a newer product out on the market that The Intimacy Book was kind enough to send me, the Dona Body Mist Lotion.  I was curious about this, since I had never heard of a “mist” lotion before.

The Run Down:

dona body mist lotion

The bottle

The Dona Body Mist Lotion comes in a tall plastic spray bottle with a clear plastic cap.  Most of the label is a two shades of dark yellow in a lace pattern.  On this part it says “Dona by Jo an aphrodisiac infused ritual pomegranate body mist lotion”.  It also has little labels saying paraben free, cruelty free, natural, and petro derivative free.  There is a small strip of black on the bottle that lists the ingredients and how to use it.  I think the body is overall discreet and I have no issues leaving it out on my bedside table.  The sprayer on the bottle also works well and gives a good mist.

The product itself, while it’s called a lotion, does not really look like a lotion.  In the bottle, it looks as a completely clear very runny fluid.  Once it’s sprayed, it’s slightly frothy and gets a light whitish color when you rub it, but it doesn’t feel or look like a lotion.  I was expecting more of a watered down lotion, so this surprised me a bit.  Once sprayed, as I said, it does froth and can get a light milky white color to it when rubbed a lot.  The one thing that I don’t like about this lotion is that it has a bit of a sticky greasy feel to it when you rub it in.  Once it absorbs and dries it’s no longer sticky, except on my hands.  I always feel like I have to wash my hands after I rub it on.  I also don’t find that it is moisturizing at all.  When I’ve applied it at night, I feel like my skin is even dryer in the morning.

Because of the stickiness, I looked into the ingredients, but most everything seems to be for a moisturizing purpose.  I did think it was interesting that they list as as “natural” but a lot of the ingredients seem like chemicals to me.  Perhaps they are naturally derived, but it’s hard to tell.  It doesn’t have any parabens, so it should be safe for most people to use.  I think perhaps my skin type just doesn’t get along with it.

The only real pluses to this product is that it is easy to apply and you can cover a large surface area very quickly.  It also has a pleasant scent.  I received the pomegranate and while it doesn’t smell like pomegranate to me, it does have a nice slightly sweet and slightly floral smell.  It is a very light scent so it’s not over bearing at all.

Overall, the Dona Body Mist Lotion was a bit of a flop.  It doesn’t seem to do anything that more traditional lotions I use do.  I do like the idea of a spray lotion, because you can spray it all on and then rub it in, without getting the bottle covered in lotion.  Perhaps the Dona Body Lotion would be a better choice.  You can find the whole Dona line at The Intimacy Book.

*This review was sponsored by The Intimacy Book, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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