Review: Edible Body Chocolate

You guys probably remember my previous review of the Sweet Beauty Chocolate oil and today I’m reviewing another Sweet Beauty product made just for Babeland, the Babeland Edible Body Chocolate.

The Run Down:

Small 1 oz jar

The size I received to review is the 1 oz jar.  It’s a very tiny jar that is chocolate colored and pink lettering.  There’s not much to say about it, but it is very small and it would be easy to stick in a drawer or somewhere out of site.  It does say ‘edible’ on the lid and front of the jar, but it is in very small print.  I think you could leave it out without someone noticing it.  Another thing is the jar also doesn’t say that you need to refrigerate it after you open it.  I have my own mini-fridge in my room, but if I didn’t, needing to put a jar of edible body chocolate (no matter the size) in a communal fridge could end badly.

The Body Chocolate

The chocolate itself is very creamy and smooth.  I received it when it was very cold outside so it was pretty firm and grainy.  After allowing it to come to room temperature it turned much smoother.  But the first thing I had to do when I opened it of course was to smell it and tasted it.  I took the lid off and took a sniff.  Coconut.  Hmm taste it.  Coconut.  Wait, I thought this was chocolate?  Isn’t that what I said?  Now, I had read the ingredients and noticed that it has coconut oil in it listed after the organic cocoa.  I didn’t think too much of it, I dislike coconut; the smell, taste, and texture.  I had heard many people rave about how great the Body Chocolate tastes and even asked about the coconut and a friend said it had a slight hint, but not much.  I guess it goes to show that when you really dislike something, you can really taste it.  I honestly could not smell or taste any chocolate.  Adonis doesn’t like coconut either and had the same experience.  If you’d like to read some reviews of people who did enjoy the taste of the body chocolate please refer to True Pleasures’ review or Beanfiddler’s review.

My attempt at drawing with it

As far as the chocolate in use, it is possible to draw basic shapes with it.  You can probably get even fancier with a paintbrush if you wanted.  It does have sugar so it can leave you a bit sticky, be sure to really lick it all up.  If you can’t get clean you can always share a shower with your partner to get clean.  All the ingredients are organic and fair trade, which is awesome.   Though I would keep it away from your vagina, you guys should know by now that sugar + vagina = bad times.

Overall, the Edible Body Chocolate from Babeland and Sweet Beauty is a good product.  I would suggest that if you do not like coconut to pass though.  If you like it, the coconut taste will probably not be nearly as strong for you and you will be able to enjoy this product.  If you’re really not sure, you can always get the 1 oz jar to try it out!

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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