Review: Entice Marilyn

Today up for review is one of my favorite *cough* types of toys, a rabbit vibrator.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that rabbits just don’t really work for me.  I try to keep an open mind with the Entice Marilyn.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Dual Simulator, Rabbit Vibrator
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Materials:  Silicone
  • Size:  8.5″ total length; 5″ insert-able length; 1.25″ in diameter; Clit Arm – 2.25″ in length, 1″ in diameter
  • Price:  $44.99
  • Pros:  Soft silicone; Arm is flexible; Nice shape
  • Cons:  Too buzzy for my liking; Not very strong; Battery opperated
  • Intensity: 2/5
  • Volume: 2/5
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you don’t mind a buzzier vibration

The packaging for the Entice Marilyn


More CEN packaging.  It’s a pretty basic cardboard box, the only real difference is the color scheme for the Entice line.  The box is a matte black with some glossy design pieces.  The front of the box has a full size image of the toy along with the Entice logo and toy name.  The back of the box is like all CEN packaging, it lists the features of the toy in a few language.  Nothing too exciting or fancy.

The toy itself is listed as silicone.  It has a very soft matte feel to it and does not collect lint or hairs, which is always a plus.  I also believe it is silicone because it doesn’t have any toxic smell to it.   Most of the feels like a hard plastic underneath a silicone skin.  Like all rabbit vibrators, the Marilyn has two main components, the shaft and the clit arm.  The total toy measures about 8.5″ in length, but the insert-able length of the shaft is only about 5″.  The end of the shaft tapers to a bit of a bulbous head before narrowing back down to the base of the toy.  The widest part of the head is about 1.25″ in diameter.  The head portion of the toy is not as rigid as the rest of the toy and has a bit of give to it.  There is also some flexibility in all directions where the head connects to the rest of the shaft.  The clit arm on the other hand is about 2.25″ in length and just under 1″ in diameter.  The body of the clit arm is much firmer than the head of the shaft, but it is quite flexible where it connects to the base.  This allows for the arm to be pulled away from the shaft and positioned quite easily.  I’ve had some rabbit vibrators where the clit arm is very stiff, which can make it uncomfortable to use.

Close up of the Entice Marilyn

The Marilyn close up

The Marilyn is a battery operated toy and runs on 2 AA batteries.  The batteries are inserted into the bottom of the toy.  The very end of the toy, where the battery compartment is located, is a hard plastic and connects to the rest of the toy with a goldish-copper colored ring.  There is a small rubber seal that will help keep water out of the battery area, but I would be cautious about submerging it.  The package says it is waterproof, but I don’t trust it.  The control buttons are located on the bottom, under the base of the clit arm.  There are only two buttons; a dedicated on/off button and a function button.  The buttons are clearly labeled as “On/Off” and “8X” so it is easy to tell them apart.  The vibrator itself has 8 functions (hence the 8X).  The first two are low and high vibration while the rest are pulsing and escalating patterns.  None of the patterns really stand out to me as exceptional.    The strength of the vibrator is a little underwhelming as well.  I also noticed that unless you are using brand new batteries, the strength does take a hit.  The vibrations are a buzzy and probably a little under a medium.  Since I have had this toy for a while, it has also started to act up a bit.  It has inconsistent levels of vibrations when running and has turned itself off a few times.  I think the battery case may be loose on mine.  The noise level is quite low and I doubt it would be able to be heard through a door.

In use, I quite enjoyed the shape and shockingly enough, the clit arm could actually touch my clit woo!  It is flexible enough that I can make it work without having to insert it too deeply to over shoot my g-spot.    The shape worked nicely, but on most days, the vibrations are just going to be too buzzy to get me anywhere.  I have orgasmed with this toy, but it is not a common occurrence.  If you have had trouble with rabbits fitting your anatomy and enjoy buzzy vibrations, this may work better for you.

Overall, the Entice Marilyn is okay.  I wish it had  a little bit of a rumble to it that would really get me there, but I did enjoy the shape.  The silicone is nice, though for the price I would expect a bit more power from it as well.  If you really enjoy rabbits, or are looking for one that is fairly inexpensive and silicone and don’t mind buzzy, this could work well for you.

banner for the califnora exotic novelties sexpert program

*This review was sponsored by California Exotic Novelties, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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