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You guys know I’m a bit of a lube freak.  I love it and I love reviewing it.  So I was very intrigued when I came across Frixion (haha, get it? Friction?) on FunWares, so I had to get it to try.

The Run Down:

frixion lube from funwares

The bottle

Frixion comes in a small blue plastic bottle with a black flip cap.  The flip cap is easy to use and doesn’t leak.  The front of the bottle has the Frixion logo and says “Ultimate Lubricant” along with “A super Slick, Non-Drying, Water-Based, Stimulating Lubricant”.  It’s fairly discreet as lube bottles go, since it says it in very small print.  The back list the ingredients and directions and it does mention that it is latex compatible.  It also says that it “may increase sexual energy and stamina”.  I like and don’t like that it says “may”.  I like it because it doesn’t get your hopes up but then I don’t like it because it’s unsure.  I received the 4 oz size so the bottle is a nice size to keep in a bed side drawer.

The lube itself is a clear gel that’s fairly thick, which I like.  A large blog will rub a bit, but it’s pretty easy to get where you want it.  It spreads easily and stays where you spread it.  It makes it easy for me to reach for it and put a bit on a top and put it back without worrying that it’s run half way down my arm and gotten all over my sheets (it’s happened).  However, even if it did get on my sheets it’s non-staining.  It doesn’t seem to bead up on my skin as much as some other water-based lubricants do.  It does get a tad sticky, but I only noticed that when I rubbed it into the back of my hand.  Even then, a small dab of water will reactivate it, so you should have no issues when using it vaginally.  It’s also pretty slick and really reduces any surface  drag.  I find it kinda funny though that they named a lube Frixion since it’s supposed to (and does) cut down on friction.  I have to say I do like this lube quiet a bit and it’s what I’ve been consistently grabbing from my bedside table lately.  And trust me, my bedside table has way more lube than I could ever use.

There is a slight smell if you get it right next to your nose, but it’s not unpleasant.  I can’t really describe what it smells.  It’s slightly flowery and sweet maybe, but it’s hard to tell.  Aside from that the ingredients are woman friendly for the most part.  The only issue is it does contain a few forms of paraben, so if you have issues with those you will need to stay away.  It also contains a few ingredients which I believe are the reason for their comment that it “may increase sexual energy and stamina”.  It contains ginseng, guana andavena staiva which are all thought to increase libido, blood flow, and arousal and act as aphrodisiacs.  I really couldn’t notice anything when use vaginally, but on the back of my hand and underside of my wrist I did notice a kind of warming sensation.  The underside of my wrist the sensation was a little uncomfortable and almost irritating, so I think it will really depend on how sensitive the area you use it on is.  I had no issues or irritation when using this vaginally.  If it does get uncomfortable however, you can easily wash it away with soap and water.

Overall, I do like the Frixion lube quiet a lot.  It has a nice thickness and it’s very slick.  It does have parabens though, but I do not have any problems with that.  It also contains ingredients that may increase your arousal, which is never a bad thing.  FunWares carries the Frixion lube in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes.

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*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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