Review: Frosted Ice Silicone Cock

It’s summer time so that means I’m going to review some Frosted Ice!  No not real ice, but I did get the Frosted Ice Silicone Cock to review from Topco Sales.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: In-ie
  • Manufacturer: Topco Sales
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Size: 8″ long; 7.5″insert-able;  1.5″ in diameter
  • Price: $46.09
  • Pros:  Fairly good quality silicone; Interesting looking
  • Cons:  Packaging isn’t discreet or good for storage; Imperfections and a large seem; Blunt head with a large lip; Difficult to insert; Too firm
  • Overall Rating: 1/5
  • Recommended: No

frosted ice silicone cock

The package (ooo shiny)

The package the Frosted Cock comes in is probably the most metalically and shimmy package I have gotten so far.  By no means is it discreet because the colors just cream LOOK AT ME!!  It does have a scantly dressed woman on the front.  I would assume it’s Kayden since it is her Frosted Ice Silicone Cock, but I do not know my porn stars.  It’s kind of an envelope package and you can clearly see the Frosted Cock, and it’s pretty obvious as to what it is.  I don’t not like the package though.  The shimmery rainbowness of it is very pretty to me.  There is also a lot of information on the back of the package telling you about all the features and it has a small section on how to care for the toy.  It does mention that it is water-proof, but since it’s just a dildo… of course it’s water proof.  It also says that the pink nubs on the toy are UV reactive but I don’t have a black light to test it out.  However, if you are looking for a dildo to bring to your next rave this may be it.

The dildo itself is a frosted clear with three bright pink nubs.    The package says that the dildo is made of 100% silicone but I have never seen a clear silicone dildo before, so I got out my lighter.  The bottom of the dildo, which is a more slick surface, passed with flying colors.  The rest of the surface has a frosted matte finish to it and it remained slightly discolored.  I think this is mostly due to the matte finish.  Aside from that, there is a large seem that runs the length of the dildo.  I didn’t notice it during insertion but it is very noticeable.  My toy also has a few imperfections and there are a few spots of a blueish looking material and one bump of the same blue.  I don’t know what this is and I tried to pick it off but I could not.  Looks like another type of material got fused to the toy while it was being made.  The material itself is very firm and there is very little give to it.  Also, because of the matte finish I highly recommend using a lot of water based lube with it.

frosted ice silicone cock

The size and shape

It’s about 8″ in total length with 7 to 7.5″ being insert-able.  The shaft is just under 1.5″ wide and the head has about a 1.75″ diameter at its widest point.  The head is where I had the most problem.  The end is fairly blunt and there isn’t a lot of tapering.  The head also has a big flare and drop off.  It is a bit phallic looking, but a little exaggerated.  I’ve never really had a problem inserting a toy before, usually I can use enough lube and work up to at least something of 2″ in diameter, but this toy just did not want to go in.  The bluntness and the firmness made it very difficult and by myself I could actually not insert by myself.  When I had a fun buddy come visit I had him try it on me.  We warmed up with several other items first and lubed up the toy.  We were able to get it inserted but it just did not work.  No matter how we inserted it it was uncomfortable and almost painful.  The large lip would get hung on my pelvic bone (which I’ve never had happen with a toy before) and even when the lip was placed down, it still got hung.  As far as the nubs massaging my g-spot, I couldn’t get it inserted comfortably that far, so I’m not sure if that works or not.

Overall, the Frosted Ice Silicone Cock just did not work for me.  The head is two wide and doesn’t taper enough, the material is too firm, and the lip gets hung.  Just from looking at it, I didn’t think I would have any problems with it.  It may work well for someone, but another problem I have with it is the seam and imperfections.  It sells for $46 here, which given the seem and imperfections seems a little steep.  I really wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.  The only thing I really liked about the toy is it is silicone and it’s clear which gives it a neat unique look.

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*This review was sponsored by Topco Sales, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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