Review: FunFactory G-Twist

You guys may remember my review of GUSH from Good Vibes a while back.  Since I talked about Good Vibes g-spot page in my review, they were kind enough to send me the FunFactory G-Twist as a gift.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie and/or out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  FunFactory
  • Materials:  Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size:  8.5″ long;  5.5″ insert-able;  Just under 1.5″ in diameter
  • Price:  $82.00
  • Pros:    100% silicone;  Soft and flexible;  Awesome shape with great ridges;  Vibrations are nice and transmit well;  Controls are fairly easy to use
  • Cons:  Not the most discreet packaging;  Lint magnet; Takes 4 AAAs;  Boost button is a little hard to hit and hold
  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Volume: 3.75/5
  • Overall Rating: something/5
  • Recommended: Yes

funfactory g-twist

The package

I’ve reviewed and purchased several FunFactory toys but have never had one come in a package quite like this.  They’re typical colors are a tan/beige and red but this package is mostly pink and black.  However, I think the differences is that it is made by FunFactory specifically to sell through Good Vibrations.  This could be a little confusing for some, but I think it’s neat.  Overall though, the packaging is decent.  The front has a window you can view the toy through and the back has two panels that close with magnets that you can open and see the toy.  These panels also have information about the toy overall.  It does have the GoodVibes symbols for toys.  One neat thing about the box is along one side on both the front and back they have words written down the edge.  I suppose these are supposed to describe the toy or you, I’m not really sure, but I think it’s a neat little design.

 The toy itself is around 8.5″ long with up to 5.5″ being insert-able.  The shaft is made of FunFactory’s 100% silicone and the small handle and battery compartment is made from plastic.  The silicone of the G-Twist is a bit different from other FunFactory toys I’ve had as it has more of a shiny finish and is a major lint magnet, which is a little frustrating.  I hate having to clean a toy before and after use.  It does get very slick with a small bit of water-based lube though, so I didn’t have any problems with drag.  Since it does have internal parts though, I would not recommend boiling it, but you can bleach it or clean it with soap and water or toy cleaner.  The ridges do make it a bit difficult to clean, so you want to scrub it pretty good around them.

funfactory g-twist

Showing the shape and ridges

The overall shape of the toy is nice as well.  The tip is fairly realistic and tapered and it widens out to just under 1.5″ in diameter.  There is a nice curve to the tip but the shaft itself is very flexible.  Near the base there is also a wide flared out area which I think if you had the right body shape, could allow you to use it as a dual simulator.  I think it also makes it safe for anal play.  The one thing I really liked about the toy though is that it is very soft and flexible.  After playing with a partner recently and learning more about where my g-spot is I decided to try this toy out again with much more success.  I did not yet have a g-spot orgasm by myself, but the flexibility of the toy allowed me to bend it and put pressure on my g-spot and it was quite fabulous.  Plus for regular thrusting I really love the ridges.

funfactory g-twist

The controls and batter compartment

I was very pleased with the vibrations of this toy.  The soft silicone really transmits them well and makes them feel very deep.  The motor is near the base of the toy, where it kind of flares out but you can easily feel the vibrations in the tip of the toy as well.  I also find it to be fairly strong, mostly because the vibrations are so deep feeling.  One thing I noticed though is the vibration does make the toy rattle a bit, so it is a bit louder than I prefer.  However, if you hold it in the right way, the noise seems to go away.  It runs on four AAA batteries, which is a lot, but at least they’re easy to find.  I would like to see a rechargeable version of this toy though.    It is very easy to insert the batteries though as the end cap simply twists and pops off.  There is a bit of a rubber seal around the end cap, but I would probably recommend not submerging this.  I think you could safely use it in the shower though.

The controls are easy to use, there are only three buttons.  To turn the G-Twist on you push and hold the (+) button for a second.  Each press of the (+) will increase the speed of the toy through 5 speeds.  When you reach the top speed you can push and hold the (+) to cycle through 3 patterns.  The (-) button will take it out of the pattern mode as well as turn the speed down.  You can also turn the speed up or down by pushing and holding either the (+) or (-).  However, to turn the toy of, you have to press (-) again once it’s on the lowest speed.  Another neat feature is that it has a “boost” button, (*).  When you press this button it will jump to the highest vibration speed as long as you hold the button, no matter where you are.  If you are in a pattern mode it will jump to steady high vibration until you let go, then it returns to the pattern it was on.  I think this is fairly neat, but I did find the (*) button a little hard to hit sometimes, since it’s on the end of the handle and it also is a bit stiff.

Overall, I think the FunFactory G-Twist is a nice toy.  I do have other vibrators I prefer vibration wise, and since I tend to not like internal vibrations, I generally use this just as a dildo.  However, the shape and flexibility really work for me so I enjoy it a lot.  You may be able to enjoy this as a dual simulator as well, but if not, you can enjoy the deep rumbly vibrations and the awesome ridges.  It is a bit costly, but as of right now the Blue Ice color is only $69.99 at Good Vibrations.

good vibrations banner

*This review was not sponsored by any company, it was a product I received for another post and choose to give my independent opinion on*

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