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You guys know I’ve had a hard time finding my g-spot and getting to that climax.  So when I was looking through products from Topco I founded the Adam & Eve G-Spot Creme and requested it to review.

The Run Down:

adam & eve g-spot creme

The tube

The G-Spot Creme comes in a small 2 oz pink tube.  It has a large Adam & Eve logo on it and it does say G-SPOT Creme in fairly large print.  It’s not horribly discreet, but I suppose it could be worse.  It’s small enough to stick in a dress drawer though, so it’s not too much of a problem.  The back of the tube also says the following:

Find the G-Spot every time and create orgasms like never before

Increase awareness of the G-Spot

Use along, with a lover, or on toys

So I decided to take these statements into consideration in how this product actually performs.

The Creme itself is very lube like in texture and isn’t much of a cream.  It is milky white in color though, so I suppose that’s where the cream term comes into play.  It also starts out drip and run free but once it warms up to body temperature it becomes very runny.  I didn’t find it to be too difficult to apply.  For me I found it was easiest to have a partner put it on their fingers and then insert their fingers or apply it to a toy and then insert it.  Since I have a hard time finding my g-spot and don’t often use my own fingers inside myself, I found that applying it all over a toy makes it easier to be sure I get it on my g-spot.

adam & eve g-spot creme

The creme

Now, the tube says that is it will allow you to find the g-spot every time and create orgasms like never before.  As far as finding my g-spot, I didn’t really think it helped.  It did however, increase my awareness of the g-spot as it does provide a nice tinging sensation.  While it did make me more aware, and it was enjoyable, it also did not “create orgasms like never before”.  I still have yet to have a g-spot orgasm (that I’m aware of or can classify as such at least).  I also asked the partner I tried it with if he noticed any difference or could physically find my g-spot better and he said he did not notice anything.

The ingredients in this product also caused me a bit of concern.  It contains two forms of parabens, which may cause irritation in some people, and it also contains glycerin.  If you have a sensitive to glycerin, I would not recommend using this product.  I did not have any problem with this though and I think if you were to use it only as a clitoral stimulating gel, it should be fine as well.  Also, while it is a water-based product, it does have several oils in it as well.  It contains sweet almond oil, carrot seed lilo, and peppermint oil.  That means you should probably not use it with latex condoms or toys that are silicone, jelly, latex, or other type of rubber.  The tube says that it can be used with toys, but I would not want to use it with most of my non-metal, glass, or plastic toys.  The ingredients that cause the tingling sensation are the peppermint oil and Arginine and like I’ve said before, if you have genital herpes you should not use topical products that contain Arginine as they may cause an outbreak.  Another ingredient it has is “Horny Goat Weed” which is believed to be an aphrodisiac but there is no research or evidence in this.

Overall, I found the G-Spot Creme to be stimulating, but it didn’t quite live up to it’s promises.  I do enjoy tingling and it is a very mild tingling and also doesn’t have a strong minty scent like many other tingling products do.  You can find the G-Spot Creme at EdenFantasys.

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Cream by Topco

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*This review was sponsored by Topco Sales, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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