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Most of you know that I am working hard on mastering my g-spot, so I was excited to get the G-Spot Play Guide: 7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven! from Fascinations to review.

The Run Down:

  • Author: Kim Switnicki
  • Publisher: Lioness for Lovers
  • Pages: 114
  • Size: 7 1/4″ x 9 1/4″ x 1/4″
  • Price: $24.95
  • Pros: Tasteful cover; Topics flow well; Easy to read; Sexy missions will be great for some; Bonus audio content you can download
  • Cons: Written in an overly enthusiastic way; Too much white space; Covers the male “g-spot”; Reads like an ad, wants you to buy from the website and go there for more information; Misinformation
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: No

g-spot play guide cover

Cover of the book

The cover of the G-Spot Play Guide had my hopes set high.  It’s a very tasteful cover for a man and a woman in a semi-naked romantic embrace.  It really sets the tone of the book, that it’s one for couples to read together and show you how to sexually explore each other.  It also says that there’s Bonus Downloadable content!  That’s always a plus right?  Well that’s about where the pluses to this book end.  I will give it that it is a small thin, book and would be easy to hide on your bookshelf or in your bedside table.


Like the cover says, this book gives you 7 steps to work on g-spot play solo and with a partner.  The seven steps turn into 14 chapters, though the last two are for additional resources and support and information about the authors.  The layout of the chapters is nice and flows well and the book is very easy to read.  The only problem I had with the readability is it is way over enthusiastic.  I feel like the captain of a pep squad wrote it.  It has a larger print than some books, which many people will like.  The layout of the text and all does lead to lots of white space at the end of the pages though.  As you see in the picture to the below left, that’s almost a full page of white space.  I think it could have been laid out better to prevent this.  Overall, the book covers some basic anatomy and a few suggestions on where and how to find your g-spot and suggestions on how to stimulate it.


sexy missions in the play guide

Showing the Sexy Mission and Celebration

At the end of each chapter there is a “Your Sexy Mission” which gives you tasks to complete before moving on.  It also has a celebration page on how and when you will celebrate after completing your mission.  This is kind of neat and some people may love it, but it gets rather tedious and annoying quickly, especially since most of the chapters cover very little information.  For someone who has very little experience with self play or has never been very sexually open the missions and celebrations could be a great idea.  For me, however, I felt it took up space that they could have used to discuss more useful information.

Now, I always look over the table of contents when I get a book like this, just to see if I want to skip around and what will be covered.  To my disappointment chapter seven is “The Male G-Spot:  Prostate Pleasure”.  First of all, it’s not the male G spot, it’s just not.  It’s the prostate, call it that!  Maybe that’s a pet peeve, but it really bothers me.  And secondly, after reading the intro and all I get that this is a book for heterosexual couples (another con since it’s not open to more couples) on exploring more sexual experiences.  But the title doesn’t give that away or even hit at it.  I wanted this because it’s a book on g-spot play.  To me this is like buying a a whole chicken to find it’s stuffed with ground beef.  If I want to learn about prostate pleasure for me, I’ll buy a prostate book.  This is probably a pet peeve again, but please writers, just separate the prostate from the g-spot.  I get that they are similar, but let the prostate be just as important and give it it’s own book!

Like I said earlier, the book does offer you bonus audio content to download, which is great.  The problem I have with this is through out the rest of the book they’re always telling you that you can go online to read more about this or that or even to buy stuff.  I expect product placement in movies and on TV and to be hinted and and told to go buy stuff, but in a book?  No thanks.  I also don’t want to have to spend extra time to go online to find out more.  If it’s relevant to the book, it should just be in the book.  While many of the things are free to read online through the website given in the book, it does suggest you purchase other programs the author has done as well as toys and lubricants.  When I looked through their site, most if not all of the items are greatly over priced, even the lubes.  I would skip on even going to the site other than to look at additional content and if you want a good water-based lube for the suggestions in the book, just get one from Fascinations.  You’ll find much better prices and quality.


g-spot play guide position picture

Cute Position Representations

As far as the actual information in the book, there seemed like there was very little.  There are some tips on finding your g-spot that I will be trying with my partner, but there were only one or two things that I had not heard before.   There was very little new information for me and it all seemed like the very basic where your g-spot is and how to find it.  There were no new suggestions or neat little tricks to try.  They do give some good positions for g-spot stimulation during sex and have cute drawings which was nice, but as far as what the back of the book boosts (“how to really, REALLY get there!”) it fell flat.  There were also very few details to expand on the tips that they do offer.  I was also disappointed in some misinformation I found.  When the book talks about toys it mentions how glass toys are good to stimulate your g-spot but are very expensive.  Glass toys CAN get expensive, but Fascinations has glass toys as low as $25.  Also, in the prostate chapter they said to not use anything labeled as an “anal lubricant” because they contain numbing agents.  This is not true in the slightest.  There are products out there that do, but anal lubes are labeled as anal lubes because they offer a thicker and longer-lasting formula that is needed for anal play.

Overall, the more I think about the G-Spot Play Guide the more I really dislike it.  There are several women that this may be a great guide for them and their partner and allow them to open up more with each other, boost their sexual confidence, and discover their g-spot.  But as far as what the title boost, it is not a way to g-spot heaven for me.  Especially for the price of $25 for a small book, I expected to have a lot more useful information, other than how to communicate with your partner that you would like to try g-spot play.  I guess what upset me most is how deceiving the title is.  The majority of the book is not about the g-spot at all but communication with your partner and improving your sexual confidence.  I think a better title would have been “Improving your Sexual Confidence and Communication through G-Spot Exploration”.  If you think you would benefit from this book though, by all means purchase it from Fascinations.

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*This review was sponsored by Fascinations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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