Review: Ginger Pheromone Lubricating Massage Formula

I’m not usually a fan of ginger, but when I was making my list of items I’d like to review from Topco Sales I came across the Ginger Pheromone Lubricating Massage Formula it sounded interesting so I requested it.

The Run Down:

adam & even ginger pheromone lubricating formula

The tube

The Ginger Pheromone Formula comes in a tall 4 oz dark purple tube.  It has the Adam & Even Signature Toys logo on it and it’s fairly discreet.  There is nothing too suggestive on it, though it does say it’s a Seductive Scent.  The back of the tube lists the features of the Formula.  It says it has a fresh, sexy ginger fragrance that inspires passion in both sexes and that it’s a long lasting aphrodisical blend that satisfies intense desires.  It also says that Ginger, Ginseng, and pheromones boost sexual energy and that it can be used as a lubricant and sensual massage lotion.  The only problem I had was I read over the ingredients and it lists mineral oil.  Since it has oil, it is not compatible with latex condoms, but it does not list that on the tube.  Not everyone will read the ingredients or know that oil does not mix with condoms (but you guys do right?) so I think it would be nice to have that on there.  The tube uses a  flip top which is easy to use and easy to dispense the Formula from.  I didn’t have any problem with it running or anything when using the tube.  You can lay the tube flat in a drawer or stand it up on the bedside table.  I think the tube looks like a hand cream tube so it should not cause any second looks.

Other than the tube, the Formula itself looks like a creamy lube.  I thought, as well as my friend I got to try it out on me, that it looks like cum.  For me, that’s not at all appealing, but since I’m usually the one being massaged I don’t really see it.  Some people may really love that it looks like cum though.  The consistency is like a medium thick lube.  It doesn’t run or drip and it spreads very easily.  It doesn’t get sticky or tacky and does work well for a massage.  The only only complaint I have about using it for massage is it does rub in fairly quickly, much quicker than a massage oil.  It does leave your skin feeling very soft and smooth and I didn’t notice it clogged my pores at all.

adam & even ginger pheromone lubricating formula

The lube/cream

The tube says you can use it as a lubricant, but I have not tried it like that.  Most of my toys are not compatible with oil and I didn’t want to try it with condoms just to be safe.  Aside from the oil, there is no glycerin so it is fairly vagina friendly, but it does have two forms of parabens.  If you have any issues with parabens I would not recommend this for a lube or massage cream.  As far as the smell, I think it smells like ginger snaps or some other ginger bread cookies.  Usually I don’t like ginger, but I do like the smell of this one.  It also reminds me of Christmas.  I couldn’t notice any Aphrodisiac effect from the pheromones nor did my partner notice any.

Overall, I do like the Ginger Pheromone Lubricating Massage Formula as a light massage cream or lotion.  If you don’t use condoms or only use polyetheylen condoms it’s safe to use for sex, but I prefer to just use it for massage.  It also leaves me feeling super soft and the smell isn’t over powering.  Plus, those of you that have a cum fetish may love this because it does look like cum.  It’s also fairly inexpensive and EdenFantasys sells it here for only $8.99.

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*This review was sponsored by Topco Sales, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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