Review: Give Lube Aqua Gel and Silicone +

I had seen Give Lube on Twitter and had seen reviews about how good it is and a while back, I talked to them on Twitter about it.  They were kind enough to send me samples of both their Premium Aqua Gel and their Silicone +.  And I apologize to them for being a bad reviewer and not getting this up much much sooner.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Water-based and silicone-based lube
  • Manufacturer:  Give Lubricants
  • Ingredients – Aqua Gel:  Water, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Lactic Acid
  • Ingredients – Silicone +: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone
  • Size:  30 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL (Aqual Gel only)
  • Price – Aqual Gel:  $5.90, $13.37, $19.34
  • Price – Silicone +:  $8.89, $17.85
  • Pros – Aqua Gel:  Glycerin and paraben free; Not thick
  • Cons – Aqua Gel:  Very thin; Does get a little tacky; Can leave you feeling greasy
  • Pros – Silicone +: Glycerin and paraben free;
  • Cons – Silicone +:  Very thin;
  • Overall Rating: something/5
  • Recommended: Yes to both

The Aqua Gel (left) and Silicone + (right)

The Aqua Gel (left) and Silicone + (right)

I got the small version of both the Aqua Gel and the Silicone +, the 30 mL bottle.    The bottles are nearly identical.  The bottle is black and the front says “mini” and “lubetube”.  The only difference between the two is the color of the lube tube logo.  For the Aqua Gel it is blue while the Silicone + is silver.  The text on the front of both bottles is silver, but it is white on the rest.  The back has the list of ingredients and directions.  The Aqua Gel also lists some of the features on the side.  Each tube has a flip top and while they are difficult to squeeze, they are runny enough that you don’t need to squeeze too hard.

As far as texture goes, I will start with the Aqua Gel.  Unlike most water-based lubes, it is very runny.  It will drip and run, so you will need to be careful, though I haven’t noticed that it stains.  It spreads easily and a little bit goes a long way.  The feel is mix between a water-based and a silicone lube.  It spreads like a silicone lube, but you can see it separate because your skin is hydrophobic so it wants to bead up a bit.  When I test it on the back of my hand, it does dry out and gets a little tacky and greasy feeling, however, when I use it on toys, I do not notice the same feeling, most likely because it is a wetter area in general.

 The Silicone + is about the same consistency, though it has a slightly thicker feel to it.  I do like it a bit better than the water-based, since it does not dry out like the silicone.  It also leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth, much like other silicone lubes do.  As far as a silicone lube goes, there wasn’t much that made it stand out.  There are only three ingredients in the silicone lube, which makes it glycerin and paraben free, although I would not recommend using it with

Overall, I do like both the Give Aqua Gel and the Give Silicone +.  I think I prefer the silicone over the water-based lube.  Most water-based lubes are thicker and my biggest problem is that this is called a “gel” when it is not what I would consider a gel.  I do like having the option of a thinner water-based lube.  Unlike the Moist water-based lube that is similar, it doesn’t smell awful either.

*This review was sponsored by Give Lube, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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