*CLOSED* Review and Giveaway: Pub Crawl Passport

So many of you probably know that I don’t really drink, especially in a bar.  Bars are usually over crowded and loud and just not my type of scene.  But Pipedreams sent me a neat little drinking game called Pub Craw Passport that I’m going to review for you guys.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Adult Game
  • Manufacturer: Pipedreams
  • Includes: Winner and Loser medals, Stamp, 8 passports
  • Price: $30.95
  • Pros: Attractive design to the box; Small enough to hide from parents;  Passports are neat; Multiple passports in the set
  • Cons: Not many instructions; Medals are cheesy; Stamp dries out easily
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes

pub crawl passport

The box

The Pub Crawl Passport game comes in a small box.  There’s nothing sexual on it, but it’s not a sexual product.  It does have a picture of a glass on the front.  If you don’t want someone to know about your drinking game (such as your parents) it is small enough to hide in a bedside drawer or behind some books on the bookshelf.  Overall the packaging is attractive.  It’s sleek and black with a nice design and it also has some information about the game on the back of the box, such as explaining what a pub crawl is.

A pub crawl is classically defined as the act of one or more people drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, normally walking to each one between drinking but its not uncommon to use bicycles, horses, or skateboards as modes of transportation between watering holes.  The term in fact has been in use since the late 19th centry.


pub crawl passport

One of the passports

Inside the box you will find 8 thin passports, a winner and loser medal, and a small stamp.  The passports look exactly like the box.  The information on the back of the passport is the same as well.  The back gives some vague details on how to “play” pub crawl passport.  I would have liked more instructions, such as having a sober friend coming along to keep track of the passports and help out those drinking.


pub crawl passport

Inside the passport

Basically, you keep track of your exploits and adventures by using the stamp to mark which task you’ve done, just like you would stamp a real passport with the places you’ve been.  The front page of the passport has a place to put your name, age, sexual preference, age you lost your virginity, drink of choice, and secret crush.  You could make up a new identity to use for the game and be silly.  It also has a small box that says “picture drawn of you by someone else”.  I think this is a great way to have some  fun with your friends, especially if they’re already drunk when they draw your picture.    After that there are three pages that have six boxes, front and back, with a task listed.  They include drink a bear, drink a beer and a shot, drink a shot, drink 2 beers, split a pitcher, drink a beer and a shot.  There’s also a space to write the bar name at the top of each block.  Overall there are 36 blocks in each passport.

The next seven pages are drink recipes.  I thought this was kind of neat to include, I always find it interesting to see some of the shots and drink names people have come up with.  These drinks are a bit raunchy in name such as the “Flaming Labia” or the “Sweet Tight Pussy” and even “Sex In A Bubblegum Factory”.  There’s a little symbol beside some of them that means the drink is exceptional strong or four.  Also, in many places on the passport and box it does say to drink responsibly, which I appreciated.


pub crawl passport

Winner and Loser medals

I was pretty disappointed with the winner and loser medals that the Pub Crawl Passport came with.  The medals are two cardboard circles with  a silly image on them and a robe cord.  They’re very thin and flimsy.  If you spilled your drink on them they’d be ruined.  I suppose the point is for them to look silly, but I think a plastic medal with a ribbon would have looked much neater.

The stamp that comes with the set stamps out a bottle cap shape with some lettering in the middle, but it’s very small and I can’t quite make it out.  It’s like one of the kids stamps you find.  It does dry out easily, but I found a bit of water will re-activate it to stamp.

Overall, the Pub Crawl Passport is a neat idea.  I really like the passports themselves and I feel like a lot of work and thought went into putting it together.  I don’t care for the medals though.  They’re a bit cheap looking. I think it would have been neater to have more realistic looking plastic medals with ribbon.  It’s also a tad pricy, but I think many people would have a lot of fun with this set.  If you only have a few friends that you go on pub crawls with you’ll be able to use it more than once since there are 8 passports, though I’m not sure the medals will last that long.

You guys are still reading?  Good!  I’m sure you saw “Giveaway” in the title and are wondering where it is.  I’m going to to give one of you the Pub Crawl Passport game!

How to Enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want the Pub Crawl Passport and what you’d do with it or your favorite (or worst) drinking story.

That’s it!  I will be picking the story or reason I like the most, so make them good!  I will be covering the cost of shipping to US Residents by priority mail.  If you live in another country, I will cover up to the flat rate shipping in the US and you pay the rest.  You have until May 10th (5/10) to enter!

*This review was sponsored by Pipedreams, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

3 comments to *CLOSED* Review and Giveaway: Pub Crawl Passport

  • I would be the sober driver and let my husband and whoever do the drinking because I don’t do beer at all.
    He is usually the driver and needs some fun of that sort.

  • Victoria Lester

    I want the Pub Crawl Passport because we have little get togethers and would be interesting to play, I’d also like it for the recipe section. One of my drinking stories is that I had too much to drink at the bar and I lost my shoe on the dance floor, I went to bend over and my blose popped open (because I used earrings for buttons – DAH – WINNING) okay, so maybe I wasn’t winning but at least I retrieved my shoe and I had a cute black bra on when my blose opened. That wasn’t even the worse part of the night. My boyfriend picked me up carried me out of the bar over his shoulder and I ended up outside on the ground in the parking lot with my friends standing around. I don’t smoke but someone handed me a cigerrette and I decided to smoke it while laying down and my hair started on F~I~R~E (DUH – LOSER!!!) okay, and you think that would be the end of such a wonderful night ….. RIGHT? ….. Well, as we drove home (3 seperate vechiles) I hung out the window and Barfed and as my friend turned the corner I fell out of the car and a Huge spot light was on me from the HOT GUYS car behind me. I sat barfing with my blose wide open. Little side note, I hooked up with the guy later and dumped my boyfriend. 😉
    flophasit at yahoo dot com

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