Review: Glo-glo a Go-go Lubricant

You guys know I loooove novelty sex products.   A glowing lube?  I gotta have it, so I requested the Glo-glo a go-go Water Based Lubricant from FunWares.


The Run Down:

The 'package'

I was really excited when I got the Glo-glo lube.  It comes in a cute little tube bottle with a 60’s-ish design on the front.  Now for the disappointing part.  When I got the tube I was looking over it and turned it over to look at the ingredients, because I knew something that glows in the dark has to have some potentially nasty ingredients.    To my disappointment below the ingredients list it says “*lubricant does not glow.”  *Major sad panda*  I then noticed on the front of the bottle that it says “Easy to find glowing  tube!” and “Never lose your tube of lube again.”  Kind of neat but not as cool as a glowing lube.

What about the lube itself?  The lube is not that great.  It contains both glycerin and paraben which can cause problems in many women.  It also contains Sodium Hydroxide, or lye, which can also cause irritation in a lot of people.  The lube is very slick at first, but it dries up very quickly and becomes tacky.  It works decently for vaginal penetration, as your natural moisture keeps it wet.  But when used with a male sleeve, it dried up quickly and Adonis had to grab a different lube.  I also noticed that this lube has a glue like smell.


The glowing tube

The one good thing is that the tube does actually glow very well.  It glowed pretty well when exposed to a little bit light, but when held right up to a light bulb it products the very extreme glow shown in the picture.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the Glo-glo a go-go Water Based Lube, especially to people with issues with glycerin or parabens.  The tube is kind of neat, and you could refill it with something else if you wanted.  It does also come in a warming forumla that FunWares also sells.  FunWares sells lots of  other great products though, so go check them out!

*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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