Review: Glow Oil

I had been eyeing the Glow Oil Hemp Seed Sultry Skin Spray from FunWares for a while.  A massage and body oil in spray form?  Ususally oils don’t spray well so I really wanted to try this out.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Massage and body product
  • Manufacturer: Earthly Body
  • Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Tocopherol, Fragrance/Parfum with Essential Oils
  • Size: 8 oz
  • Price: $13.95
  • Pros: Nice bottle;  Spray actually works; Great scent;  Not over powering and lingers on skin for a long time;  Super moisturizing; Rubs in quickly
  • Cons: Not as good for massage as other oils
  • Overall Rating: 5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

glow oil from earthly body

The bottle

The Glow Oil comes in a nice little spray bottle.  The label is fairly attractive and it has the name of the scent listed and says “Glow Oil Help Seed Sultry Skin Spray”.  It’s a discreet bottle and I don’t find there to be anything naughty about it at all.  The scent I have is called “Naked in the Woods” which is a little provocative, but I feel comfortable leaving my sitting out on the table.  The bottle I received is only a 3.4 oz bottle, but online they only list the 80z bottle for sale.  It comes with a cap that you can remove and has a spray pump top.  I haven’t seen that the pump top leaks or anything at all.  I was worried that the oil would not spray out of the nozzle well, because thicker liquids tend to not spray out well.  However, it actually sprays pretty well as long as you pump it fast.  If you pump it slowly it comes out in more of a stream or a drip.

glow oil from earthly body

The spray top

The oil itself is very thin, it’s one of the thinnest oil I’ve reviewed which is probably why it squirts out so well.  It is runny, but when you spray it on it’s in a thin enough layer that it doesn’t run and drip all over.  I think it’s very easy to use.  For a massage, you can spray it on your hands or over the area that you’re going to be massaging.  A couple sprays is all you should need for a light massage.  My preferred use for the Glow Oil is actually for an after shower moisturizer.  I use it on my arms and chest and occasionally legs after I take a shower and it leaves me feeling amazingly soft.  Plus I find the scent to be heavenly.  The scent I got was Naked in the Woods and on Earthly Body’s website they say that it’s a White Tea and Ginger.  To me it smells very woodsy and musky and I love it.  It’s not a strong smell and it lingers on your skin for a very long time.  I love very light fragrances that cling so that if you have someone nuzzle closer later in the day they can still smell it.

The ingredients are all natural and vegan.  It rubs in fairly quickly for an oil, but if you run out in a massage just ad a bit more.  It leaves my skin softer than any other product I’ve used, especially when I put it on right after a hot shower.  I didn’t really find that it gave me much of a glow, since it is called glow oil, but it really does make your skin soft and smooth and probably gives you a healthy natural glow.  I also was brave and tasted it and it doesn’t have much of a taste.  It tastes like oil, a little nutty but no strong taste.  However, if you want a lickable oil FunWares sells an Edible version of the Glow oil.

Overall, I love, and I mean really love the Glow Oil.  It’s not my favorite massage oil, but it’s my favorite moisturizer.  It’s definitely a product I will be buying for myself when I finally run out.  A little does go a long way though so I don’t expect to use my small 3.4 oz bottle up for quite a while.  I think it will be especially great during the winter when everything gets really dry.  I also want to try more of the scents because I truly do love the scent and I’m sure the others are amazing as well.  I really think everyone will love the Glow Oil so go check it out.

funwares banner

*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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  • thanks for the review! My husbands skin is soooo dry and thirsty that after your review, this would be something that is needed for me *winks* a good excuse for the husband to try another massage oil on me. selfish selfish! lol

    Triple X Mama

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